Saturday, May 21, 2011

Had One - Finally

Thank God i managed to grab one paid review. Ive thought i couldnt grab one since it was always unavailable when i reserved it. Luckily, i was given one just aminute ago. Im sure there would be still be fishes ready for grabbing later. The bad news, we are busy tonight and i hope i could have an ample time to do it but i should. But i missed so many task this afternoon because of my connection mess. It happened when i tried to reserve it and suddenly "internet explorer cannot dsiplay blah blah". It was so disgusting because i need to hit my quota for the week. But still i always remain calm because i knew how this favorite site had showered me with so many jobs. Do i have the right to complain?

Busy Saturday

As ive said, i was pretty busy today. Luckily i was done with everything that i need to do, i went to downtown to deposit for my payment and roam around to buy for our teams needs. Did i tell you that tomorrow is like a Sports Feast in our place and i am part of it. I belong to a blue team and i am happy that ny team members are supportive and unified. We are all excited tomorrow especially on the cheering squad.

On the other hand, my notebook will be delivered by monday as we talked with the supplier today. I ordered it a Cebu and im happy that i dealt with a good man. He was very supportive and approachable. He called from time to time and update me of the status. Thank God he just sent me an hour ago my tracking number and i called up the shipment company and they told me that i can have my package the most by Monday. Im so excited because i can no longer experience hassles in updating my blog. Now im using the lappy of my brother..hehehe

Anyway, i hope you do have a great day guys..i have so many stories now but i want to reserved it in my next post.mwah