Friday, July 22, 2011

On iphone5

I am thinking of getting a new toy next month. But i am still on checking out as to whats the best toy to grab. Anyway, my friend just got her own iphone and it was really so adorable. I love to have one someday but then its not included in my lists of my priority as of this month. But if my hubby would give me a gift on my coming birthday then for sure i would love to have an iphone 5. Its very lovely and its catchy to the eyes because of its sophisticated and stylish designs. But of course, i have to look for a brand that is trusted by many. I don't want to compromise my investment. How about you guys, whats your latest toy must have?

Am Sick

I'm actually not feeling well today, maybe i am over fatigue and i badly needs some rest. Been complaining since yesterday that my head is aching and my hubby advised me not to go to work but i need to so now i am trying to bear the pain. Too bad, i have a mild fever and a running nose. On my way to work, my hubby called up if I'm feeling better, i just assured him that i am good so that he will not worry anymore. I remember last night, i told my hubby about a neighborhood and told her about some stories. He was attentively listening to me but all of a sudden he reacted and told be patient. I've been ranting about certain things lately and i am always open to him in everything that id like to share but really i admire him for being so good. He would always advice me not to dwell with people who will not bring good to me. But always, he will tell me that he will fight for me and he will be with me in every battle. Isn't he too sweet?

Indeed, he is just one in a million and im thankful that i have found a man who stays with me in good times and stick with during bad days. How lucky i am indeed.