Tuesday, January 12, 2010


...is such a lonely word...everyone is so untrue.


My friend who is very dear to me always reminds me of one thing, though its quite a joke but it really makes sense, he once asked me who invented the eraser and why the hell it was creted, i begab to think seriously, yes he was right, eraser came into the picture because we are all capable of commiting mistakes, that mistakes are inevitable. Though this friend is really a good companion, and really makes it a point to bring humor to every conversation but this thought and lesson was less than a humor, its a simple fact that made me think of it until this very day. Like in any couple or relationship, no one and nobody is perfect, one may be beautiful but is not quite a good conversationalist, one may be so perfect in our eyes but what we dont see are those that made them part ways, see?we have our own imperfect identity, i remember my ex who usually texts me everyday of the things he doesnt like about me, he said im very dominant, im selfish, i dont know how to give him the time..etc..etc..but no matter how long his lists of my imperfections i just replied by saying, that why pencil has eraser..its not yet too late for me to change and to learn from this. THough sometimes our mistakes are our wake up calls, we should not always forget that we learn from this and through this we became a new and improved person.
This morning the ex texted me still, with those long lists of things he didnt liked me, as usual, but to his dismay i just replied......

"i love being imperfect"

sent: 01/11/10
7:01 am

Been a While

It has alreaday been a while really since my last post here, yours trully had been very busy for past few days nonetheless this simple endeavor will never be forgotten, lately a lot of things happened and a lot of realizations takes place, if you would allow me, let me share to u my learnings and thoughs for this week.
1. Not all guys who were good to us can be trusted.
2. We should always give our family a priority.
3. Love cant conquer all.
4. That..the simpliest thing to be happy...is to allow yourself to be happy..(hehhe)
5. That internet dating sites are all games.
6. Sleeping really makes our aura really good.
7. That reading is a good habit before sleeping.
8. That ist good to stand first after our dinner, to allow the food to be digested and not to be stucked up.
9. That always and almost, we forgot to make God the center of our life.
10.That///PRAYER IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON.and even our most impossible dream can be real if we only have faith that it will happen...try it..( just did.)