Saturday, April 30, 2011

Klikot : Lets you Earn!

Are you a member of Klikot? Perhaps you are, for those who are not familiar with the site, its a social media that lets you earn while doing the stuff you like. Its like a Facebook and your Twitter account, only that it will give you points and money rewards once you give traffic to the site. I heard from many friends about how Klikot pays to its members generously and i wanted to take the chance of getting to know the site.

I love experiements and i dont just rely on reviews and peoples personal experience. I wanted to see for myself if the site works and if it is, i recommend it to some friends. I remember the other night, my sister is complaining how she lost interest with Facebook because of so many ads underneath and at the sidebar of your account. She is pissed how the site takes advantage of every members. Well, its certainly a good news to her coz i would recommend the site.

To those who have social media accounts, dont forget to sign up there and lets be friends.

Happy Weekend

Saturday brings a different glow to my eyes, wondering why? because this is the day where i love most. THis is the day where i could do anything at home, watch non stop movies, sleep all day and bond with my nephews except of course if i have so many things to do. In the coming days, we will be welcoming another month. May for us stands for festivities. You can find so many fiestas and other summer activities in this month. IN fact in our place, there are so many youth activities that were facilitated to promote sports development among youths. I heard that there will be lots of ball games and parlor games. It would also be fun and entertaining is there will be fun activities to be tied in like cultural show, some pageant and even cheer squad competition. I asked a fellow to help the SK Chairwoman in soliciting her prices which i would gladly donate if i am asked. Its really nice seeing these youth enjoying this summer instead of wasting their time at home. Im proud to share that it was during my sisters administration that these kind of activities were started. She spearheaded these kind of activities though at that time there were no support from the council especiall that there were people who doesnt want her to succeed. But with God's help, my sisters projects and activities turned out to be a turning point in terms of youth promotions and other socio cultural activities. It was a hard earned labor and achievement amidst selfish people who hinders her projects. At the end of the day, my sisters leadership were successfully done.