Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Busy Day

Yours truly is still not yet done with all my errands. Today im heading to a bank nearby to open an account and i do hope that it will just takes me few hours since i still need to do something else. My other agenda at downtown is to look for a footwear for the wedding and perhaps a clutch. The theme of the wedding is tangerine so i might be looking for a silver clutch or maybe a gold one, whichever pleases my eye. On the lighter side, my sister is already packing up and i feel sad knowing that she will already leave. It would be me and my brother that would be left at home. But because the brother will start to work soon, im trying to figure who will stay at the house as with the company of my mom. I knew i cant be with them most of the time so were thinking of having the niece stay for awhile. Did i mention that i am asking a neighbor to stay in my room at night. Yes, i bought another bed so that the little girls could sleep and join me in my room because of the scary experience i had few days. Well, for now allow me to do my errands first and wish me good luck in everything. Be safe guys.