Friday, July 30, 2010

Oline Loan with Paypal

Sounds interesting right? yeah its true paypal lends money to its member its called Paypal Buyer Credit its an online credit facility where you can loan money from them, Paypal is popular for being an online portal for transferring and receiving money worldwide. Aside from its proven credibility as the No. 1 internet financial company that allows users in the net to have their own account, its also a secure and convenient way to pay your bills, shop online and even does some online bank transaction to your locan banks resepectively. Now the innovations is at its peak, they have Paypal Buyer Credit. Here are some FAQ of its service;

What is PayPal Buyer Credit?
PayPal Buyer Credit is a personal credit account exclusively for PayPal members. It lets you make low monthly payments on PayPal purchases, so you can shop now and pay later. PayPal Buyer Credit is an additional way to fund your purchases through your PayPal account.

What are the benefits of having PayPal Buyer Credit?

PayPal Buyer Credit is a secure, convenient, and flexible way to fund your purchases made with PayPal, allowing you to shop now and pay later:
Makes any PayPal purchase more affordable with low monthly payments
Offers convenient, money-saving opportunities with promotional financing
Increases your purchasing power by adding another funding option
Covers your purchases with
full Buyer Protection from PayPal
Lets you shop with ease anywhere PayPal is accepted
Saves money with no annual fees
Increases your total PayPal sending limit

How do I apply for PayPal Buyer Credit?

Applying for PayPal Buyer Credit is fast, easy, and secure; you can get your credit decision in as soon as 30 seconds! To begin the application process, click here.

How high of a credit account can I receive?

Your credit account is determined by your credit history. Once you are approved for credit, you will be told the amount of your credit account. Get your credit decision in as soon as 30 seconds! To begin the application process, click here.

Where can I use PayPal Buyer Credit?

You can use PayPal Buyer Credit to fund purchases on eBay listings that accept PayPal and anywhere else PayPal payments are accepted.



When you need someone by your side, you think of the people closest to you, those that have showed you cared and unconditional love. Those that made you felt you alone is the only person that matters to them, Aside from your family, this closest to you are the boyfriends and the girlfriends we oftentimes labeled. BUt how could you manage emptiness if he is at other side of the world? Is his word enough to change your emotional roller coaster? of you need his physical presence? It may be be so complicated in other words its all depends how we view this things coz some may want a physical presence but somehow others prefer a confidante than a physique body at your front. The one person you love may be at the other side of the world if he makes sure you are always loved and cared, i guess its all worth it coz its LOVE and SACRIFICE.

Was Robbed

It was the most terrifying moment of my life what happened last night, my apartment was robbed by unidentified men who were able to enter the compound. Ive lots my phone, cash, atms and all my identification cards, good thing my other phone was at my other bag and they did not see it. It so hard coz when i went home this morning, the room was a mess and none was left. Its just so disgusting that until now, it has not sink in yet when i tried to contact my smart number, its already unattended and later on the sim was not anymore in used. THis is the first time i encounter such event, it had not happened yet for my 4 years of renting and living in my own so i was advised by friends that i should contact my friends not to contact anymore my smart number coz it might just bring another consequence. My family contacted me very early to know how i was, i just cried so hard coz its really so hard for a person who lives alone to surpassed this shocking moment. Its not about the valuables that ive lost, its about my safety, its about how i was not safe in the room i consider my own. I mean i am thinking if this people can enter our apartments without noticing them then its also possible that they can enter to our rooms as long they want to and for me being alone is so scary. The trauma is still within me and still within my system, my tears cant help but fall still.