Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 26th Birthday Bash

As promised, heres a quick glimpse to my birthday bash which was taken last Saturday. It was just a family affair but im glad some good friend remember it.


My cake courtesy of the hubby


Blowing my cake


With some friends and visitors

It was such a fantastic night for me. I never celebrated a brithday bash with my family for few years and this year is so great. So, its just right to make a celebration. Cheers guys!

Sleepy After the Party

Yours truly has a fabulous night so at this point my eyes is barely open. However, i cant missed this chance of updating my portal. I have surpised visitors last night which made it my most fantastic birthday celebration. I opt to sleep early because i was tired running errands in the morning. I was planning to take a longer sleep when i was awakened by my love's call. He was jst checking out how was i doing and after a few minutes of conversation, i got ready to prepare myself for church. The rest of the family members woke up early coz they prepare breakfast for our visitors. I had a full energy giving meal too as my mom prepared hot choco, pancake while the brother bought few delicacies at the market. I can never thank God enough for everything that he has done in my life. My unending gratitude to my God.For now, allow me to thank all my visitors and expect me at your doorsteps.