Thursday, January 29, 2009


This has been the most popular word nowadays, ive kept on askin my friend what is this, but seems she did not explained it clearly,hence heres an economic view of what this word means:

Recessions = this is the term for "a period of reduced economic activity"; a significant decline in the economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normaly visible in real GDP growth, real personal income, employement, industrial production and wholesale retail sales.

hmmmm, sounds serious? well definitely it is, because nearly 2000 people have been declared unemployed somewhere in Laguna due to closure of Intel company.,this is because of recession.

A nice note from my lalabs


Just to let you know two things I feel...

1. I never new what real love was, after my divorce, until I met you... You really let me feel all the love in the world...

2. We both, together, worked for more that two long years to build this love, and dig it deep into our hearts... and I was really proud of that...

Now... what is happening... you are ruining all that sacred love by your own hands...

If you think what you are doing is right... then all what you told me before was false... and I was right when I thought many times before, that you were only playing with my feelings...

Take care...

This is the email from my lalabs after quite some time that we did not exchange mails, so lalabs is so sweet really...i love you so much honey pie, i promise to love you more and more each day...mwahh


Thats what i have head is really so painful, i dont know whats this, maybe its already a migrane because i lack sleep plus i am so stressed. I just arrived from Baybay city to do my usual trade price check, i talked to the customers of my TD's and i organize too my salesforce, i am quite sad that just a minute after i arrived at office, i had a bad arguments with one of my salesteam. Hope i could have a good sleep tonight...
take care

Friday, January 23, 2009

How to leave him.....

Just a thought, Is there an easy way to heal a broken heart? i guess there is none, basically every pain and grief that we encounter always gives us the most painful experience, it may not be the most hurtful but somehow it would always bring a scar, a constant reminder of the pain it brings once.
To those who are now in the midst of emotional catastrophe, hope post help you in any way possible. I will not say that i have been there and i always understand you because i knew i didnt, the pain that is inside of your heart now is as different as i felt 2 years ago. However, one common thought always comes to our mind, we should learn to move forward, to move on, to be completely healed. Here are some thoughts, id like to share:
1. Learn to accept the pain, the grief = Give yourself permission to be able to undergo the process of undergoing in pain, coz theres no easy way of completly letting go of yourself from his memories not unless you give yourself a time to reminisce, to accept, to forgive and eventually to forget and to get out of his shadow.
2. Feel your feelings, but dont believe them = Feeling bad about it is fine, youre just being true to yourself, youre just being transparent, but feeling bad about your life, about everything is another story. It will just create a negative feeling for yourself, for others and the way you perceived things. It wouldnt bring any good to you.

Falling in love is not about the person your heart ponders the most, its not about the other person. Its about you, about what you feel and what you will feel in the future. Nobody can decide whats good for you, except yourself. If you are in pain now, remember that this is a great avenue to mold you to be a better and matured individual, and lastly always remember that being single open up an avenue to choose a better partner in life.

Happy Weekend

The entire is almost done, two days more to go, and before we finally say goodbye to this tiring week, let me just greet all of you guys a happy weekend, hope you had a fruitful days this week and productive as well, i knew we all need this as we are facing crises nowadays. As for me, i am happy as i had 5 tasks from PPP this week. I couldnt believe PPP will be so good this time, i am really so grateful for the opps that they have given me. Well, thats all for now guys, enjoy the rest of the week...

Wilmington, NC Luxury Real State

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Need a Storage?

I guess you will agree with me, if i would say that each one of us wants a clean and organized house, right? we dont want that our cabinet is located just anywhere of the house, the magazines are in chaos and we even feel pissed if we see our belongings just right at the corner of the house because we dont have appropriate storage for them, isnt it messy to look at them?
Well to address your dilemma, why dont you browse for this site storage unit , and try to get helpful information as to how to manage our possesions and belongings rightfully. This site is actually created to provide free informative articles on various self-storage topics. This idea was materialized due to some problems of our household keepers on storing valuable possesions and belongings especially if you dont have room for in your apartment or home for many, many years. At present, storage facilities is already available just in case you need a room for your belongings. Check the site above and feel no worry in all those unwanted stuff at home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Worst Places on Earth for women

Answer: PAPAUA NEW GUINEA : Girls just get 5 years of formal education before going to work. They are four times more likely than men to contract HIV.

What rose represents my love?

Your Love is Represented by a Purple Rose

For you, love is all about chemistry and attraction. You totally believe in love at first sight.

If a relationship is right, you know it from the start.

You're often sure of your feelings. And you're not afraid to express them.

Does Age Matters?

The very popular singer Akon is still confussed at to how old he is at present.huh?yes even thoug he has the copy of his birth certificate, he says, his age is still in mystery.Some says his age is in between 25 to 31, because according to resport, there was one interview wherein he claimed that he was 25 years old but then lately he was claiming he was born last April 16, 1977, which makes him 31 years old.

Hmmp, How old are you Akon?,,hehehhe

Charice Pampengco sings at Pre-inaugural Ball

Our very own, Ms. Charice Pempengco sings at the Pre-inaugural all of Pres.- elect Barack Obama last January 20, 2009. She was one of the few lucky performers who will serenade the newly elected president of the United States. Charice sang God Bless America - the national anthem of US and One Moment in Time. Indeed she had gone a long way, it made me so proud to be a Filipino once again.
Definitely Charice would leave an extraordinary performance to her audience, as she always leaves an standing ovation to the crowd.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Layout

Seems my old layout bores me, ive decided to change my layout for this blog for a fresh look, hopefully youll like it guys...
Its actually a free template and i find it refreshing to the eyes..
Any comment guys?


Im a bit disappointed today, i am so pissed, i knew i have to be flexible and i should not be very emotional as far as my work is concerned, I should know how to relate with my collegues and people in my circle of friends. Haay life, i am so tired and drained. I knew you cant please all people...but i just hate it when they are very inconsiderate..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work Boots

My father works as a supervisor in one of the popular car shop in town, he does all the car repair and other services, while he do most of the untiring task of getting all the car servicing, his protection is quite at risk. There was a time when when he went home with no shoes, because his shoes was damaged because of the oil they were using at the shop. I really feel pity seeing my dad, nonetheless im crossing my finger that we could find affordable yet we are assured of reliability and durability of the said foot stuff.
Well, i guess i have a good news for my dad and all the working dads out there who need extra foot protection, I came accross this site, it offers variety of boots specifically working boots. If you need the highest quality foot protection, then youre at the right track.

Go Acobaying now

I remember during my college days, my classmates really go crazy over friendster stuff, it was the talk of the town before, why? perhaps because its the only site before that allows people to interact with their peers and at the same a great avenue to be updated in each other lives, however as years gone by and the more people became internet savvy, more and more unique social network site were born, and among to mention now is Acobay, how does it differs from the rest? well to tell you honestly, this site is somehow unique, people get connected with each other by the cars they drive, places they visited, movies they love, games they play and other stuff. Well the concept of the site is really so fantastic, it is very original and theyre really very innovative.
So why dont you join us, and see how the hottest site reborn the social network. I already join, hope you're next!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been busy

Sorry gals, been busy this past few days, ive been into a lot of meetings and commitments, fogot to update this blog, anyways, im here always alive and kicking, well i knew youre too busy too, i promise to visit youre site once ive been through of all this things, sorry its been the start of the year and lots of pending works dure to long holiday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Most Popular Dog and Cat names 2008

Here are some Popular names of Cat and Dogs for 2008:

Most Popular Dog Names of 2008


Hehehehe, theyre simply amazing!

Sentimental Fool

I remember my honey pie words when we had a very serious argument " sometimes we must be hurt in order to grom coz lessons are best learned in pain", my tears fell whenever i remember him in pain because of me, becuase me being so stupid, i never want to hurt him in any way, that is why i am always in regret hurting him. Everytime i remember his good deeds for me, i cry of disappointment, i never love this way before, that is why i cant afford to lose him. Just as everybody wishes, i am always looking forward that one day i can have him, coz he was still my man and will be my man for as long as i live.
I love u always....

Thaks for Being so Sweet

My day is really filled with emptiness, i miss my honey pie, as the days goes on ive been looking forward for our chats, i missed u really darling...Thanks for being so sweet always, He is the person i knew will always brightens my day,,,,i love u so much.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning

Have a great morning everyone! how was your sleep my dear friends and peepz? well as for me, i slept late last night because i washed my clothes first, and now i am late..hehhe, anyhow i will be doing my reports after a few minutes and also do some unfunished task yesterday, i may not do some online errands today since i have lots of commitments for now.
Cia for now, have a blessed day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Financial Crises

When the news booms that Iceland was facing a deep financial crises, it spearheaded the news on different countries and banks having difficulty stabilizing their respective economies. However, it not only other countries abroad who is facing such threats but our land too, its just so sad that a lot of business faces financial threats today due to to global crises that we are facing nowadays, thu the government is looking for means to address and alleviate the condition of the economy, still its not enough to prevent the closure of the private sectors, Say for example, in the poultry industry, this year will be a tough year for us because of the coming of the leg quarters, which was exported by some local source to compete with the current market, so what will happen is that our local producers will really had hard time stabilizing the prices at the market considering the expensive cost for raw materials, The consumers on the other hand will of course choose to buy cheap chicken in the market and these companies will have no choise but look for other avenues to compete with the latest trends in pricing, What i am trying to fugure out is the fact that, we should learn to ptotect our local investors in the country, the free trade policy should be reconsidered if we are really protecting our people from the unemployed dilemma, we should always try to look the other side of the picture.
The basic role of Government is to protect both sides, and as much as they want to protect the consumers, they should also protect the industrial sector, in view of the bigger picture, thus stabilizing the economy in general.


yes..i received a gift from one of our business partners, yeah your thinkin right, i received my favorite VERSACE, thu i like Victorias Secret but i am more flaterred to received such a great gift from them, th scent was so lovely and thu its just so mild but its fragrance doesnt easily vanished unlike ordinary and locally made scents. It was especially made for woman, so i guess i couldnt ask for me, VERSACE was enough to brightens my day.
Thanks sir for the gift!

Back to work

After a great holiday, me sched was again booked with a series of meeting. It was indeed too tiring for me, since it was more on operations updates, concerns from diff department and other important matters. I even went home past 11 pm due to a hectic sched, i even did not finished my reports and various things that need to be done on that day, haaaaaay, this is really my day!
how about yours? was it too streesful? i hope it was not...

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years resolution

As 2009 comes, It becane the usual tradition to set our new years resolution for tghis coming year, its like what we want to do this year and avoiding mistakes and bad habits that we used to do on the previous year, Heres mine:

1, WEll i am most likely determined to eat less meat this year, i mean id like to be vegetarian, health concious this time.
2., I want to save more for renovation of the house and unlike this year i would buy less for me, coz ive observed that i have already bought lots of dress, shoes and bags. This time i want to concentrate for our house.
3. I want to be more kind and share more to those who need the most, I want to be more mabait this year..hahhaha
4. The last but not the least, i want to show to my love that he is my life and my only one, hopefully we could still work out what we have missed out this year, I promise to be good to you hon, and again sorry for everything that happened this year.

WElcome 2009

Happy New Year

A Very Happy New Year to one and all, I hope you do enjoy your new year celebration with your family. This season is celebrated mostly with our loved ones and especial someone, I do really enjoy our new years eve especially that we do had a party with my friends and relatives, it was indeed a bonding monents with us.