Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Travel - Cebu city

heres some of our pictures during the travel:

Rainy Monday

Its a rainy monday here in our place. I love to stay in bed and sleep the entire day but i need to report to the office and in a few minutes ill be there to finish some reports. Well i did had a great weekend, as usual i njoy it with my family and nephews. I didnt notice that some of our neighbors already put their respective christmas lights, no wonder when i went outside late last night i noticed that our place was well-lighted plus some has thier sounds. But no matter how close the christmas season, my heart is still longing for my honey, i dont know where he is right now, he told me he will just be in china for like 10 days and be back here, but anyway its not yet ten days since he leaves but i missed him terribly already. He said his phone did not work well in china thats why he was not able to text me. But im crossing my finger that he will back the soonest and be with each other arms in a few more days to go. To my honey, though i knew youre a bit in doubt as to why i did not go online the last time we agreed to chat but just want to let you know that i love you so much and nothing has change, like what ive stated in my card, i may not always tells you how much you mean to me but wherever you are ill assure you that you are always in my heart and no one could ever get u