Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today's Musings and More

How i wish i have plenty of time in a day to do everything i need to do but sadly i have so limited time. Today, i had my card renewed. Thanks to the officer that i was accommodated pretty well and i availed of free charge. My card will technically be expired tomorrow but since i want it to be renewed immediately, i asked them if i can have it processed the soonest and good thing they accepted my plea. I just have to wait for 5 to 10 banking days.

Apart from that, my new sites ate my time, I post random memes, updates and all the traffic generation i have in mind and that made me feel so exhausted when im at bed. I remember i haven't done yet the review that i need to do this week, sigh!!. I'm wishing this new sites will be approved coz it will really be a big help. Of course, i also want to thank the Provider for all the blessings he bestowed on me this week. I always have a productive week and my efforts are just worth it.

I can't believe its Friday once more....wooooot!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday: Lucky Orange

Time to share some meme again and since it's monday - i will be joining:


So, i was browsing randomly on my old pics. I am trying to look for a nice pics here. So, today i happend to capture my sister while eating an ice cream inside the car. I just smiled as i saw her dress my possible entry here..Look at her:

My sissy having a great time

Super cute shoes

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday

Ohh, i missed updating here. It's a beautiful Sunday here and i am still pretty busy today. I will be attending to few matters and i can't just miss it. I want to finish my tasks but i don't have enough time. I honestly don't want to give a half-baked review to my advertisers since i knew they're paying for my service.I also need to do some updates in all of my sites so apologize if i can't visit your doorsteps, i will soon.

The happy thought, i recently submitted my new sites to my all-time favorite site and hopefully they will accept them. That's why i am giving a focus on them lately but i will get back to my current babies in no time. I just had a busy weekend lately and i was planning to do some blog hopping yesterday but i missed it due to power outage. So, i decided to just do some offline errands yesterday with my mom and other siblings. Today, we will be having a small get-together and i doubt if we can finish it early.

just dropping by, hope to join some meme today.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Habit: Let's Do the Fill-Ins

Yay, i will have a busy day ahead. It's still gloomy outside but i need to do some errands for the hubby. I need to do it early this morning or else i will get a long speech later when he called up so because i don't want to miss some meme, i have to do it and type as fast as i can. I just have an hour or less to update my blogs.

Friday fill-ins gave me a lot of smiles, simply because i love reading what other bloggers share on that blanks. So without much ado, here's my entry for:

Lots of thanks and much love to my cousin for filling in for me last week (pun!) we go!

 1. Wow, this free moisturizer is making my face rejuvenated.
 2. What's the latest trivia?
 3. Finally, I'm all set to leave.
 4. My man is workaholic and that's all right with me.
 5. Sweet or savory: which one is your pick?.
 6. My toenails polish are new.
 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include watching my favorite noontime show and Sunday, I want to build traffic to my sites!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer : An Oil-Free and Clean Finish

I must admit i am maintaining few beauty loots in my kit to make sure i look fresh and clean. If you can afford to buy those beauty products and want to have those refreshing face then it's time to carefully pick a product suited for your face needs. It was never easy to finally settle with the brand i am loving as of this moment but for ten years that i am a loyal customer, the figure is a nice proof that i am well-satisfied customer. In fact, from facial wash, to creams and to anti-aging formulas, i have them all in my cabinet. I have a day cream and a nigh cream and well if i am not tired to do my beauty regimen then i can say that this brand dominates my beauty loots inventory.

Nevertheless, the prestige brand in skin care that i am currently keeping has no moisturizer product that is why i have to look for other brands for this. Thus, the moisturizer brand that i picked gave me few reasons not to apply it everyday. First, its kinda greasy and gives my face totally oily upon application. If i missed doing my cream then i would choose to apply for a moisturizer just to make sure i have a base finish before applying a powder. As i was saying, i was kinda hesitant to maintain or use this day moisturizer because of its not so good formula. Until, i was given the chance to avail of free loot courtesy of Ahava Philippines.

I need to try the product first before i will share my verdict here. Don't you think its unfair to share to my readers about a product when i haven't try it myself, so i had a few applications of the product and here's my personal experience.

This is the first time i heard of the product so it's not easy to just try it on my face without doing my fair share of research. My reading tells me that this is a US based brand.and what made me want to try this is it's credible feedback like:
Self Healthy Beauty Award 2010
Category: Best All-Around Facial Moisturizer

This rapidly absorbing moisturizer drenches the skin with natural long-lasting hydration boosting the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) enabling your skin to achieve a smoother, firmer and younger-looking state. Protects your face from environmental damage. Ideal as a makeup base.

Approved for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. Paraben free.
So without any ado, i tried it and here's how it goes..

It has non-greasy formula. I love how it's fine scented and works perfectly upon application. I can feel that it immediately hydrate my face and stays moisturized all day. You can't go wrong as it gives you a soft feeling and i felt like the formula penetrates on my face perfectly.

Ahava is available already in the Philippines so get it at your favorite beauty store and experience hydration like no brand can do that yet. That's a promise!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Ohhh, im a certified memeholics (lol). I make it a point to just join some blog meme hosted by some bloggers. It's my own way to reach out to other bloggers. So for today, i am in for a Mandarin Orange Monday -

And here's my entry - 

The bag that holds a client's souvenir


Linking to :

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Need a Break....

I'm already exhausted trying to construct a good review. I still have few more to go. Perhaps, that can wait tomorrow or the next day. Nothing to worry, right bloggers?

So, how's your Saturday going? I hope you're enjoying every bit of it..I really want to work more but my mind simply want to rest so i have to give up. Anyway, i still have few more days to go before it's deadlines. I'm just worried that maybe i will still have more orders so it will just accumulate.

Hopefully, i still have more time later to work more on my traffic. I want to join a Saturday meme for my new site and i aim to accomplish it today. On the other end, i finally received a notification that the package was on it's way so i was kinda excited. I will try the product for few days then i'll share my verdict here..

Happy Weekend guys!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Meme : Friday Fill-Ins

Im really not that hardworking, right? This is my ten posts so far and yet here i am joining another meme. I think i just have the energy lately despite all my pending tasks. As i was saying, i need to join the right meme and i love the benefits that i am reaping. So, allow me to introduce my very first entry for...

This meme is quite simple, just fill in the blanks so here we go..

1. I love the feeling of sipping my favorite coffee in the morning.

2. Seeing my parents in good terms always brightens my day.

3. Having a man who always stood for me, is what I will remember the most from 2012.

4. My favorite family recipe is sweet and sour fish.

5. When I want to spoil myself I have to visit the nearest mall and get something for myself.

6. Mr Bean is my favorite TV show.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to have a night out with my family, tomorrow my plans include visiting the parlor and Sunday, I want to sleep all day!

LInking up to Friday Fill-Ins..

What a Lovely Friday!!!

Good morning friends!!

Start the week right so im ending the work days perfectly. I have tasks to do over the weekend and i have new review orders. It's really an amazing and productive week. I hope every week is like this, i surely would not leave any task on queue as i am motivated to finish everything that is assigned to me. The start of the year is quite perfect for me and i have also gave it's needed lift to my new sites but i knew i need to work more. In fact. i havent accomplished still the traffic move i need to do on my new babies. But, i will do that one step at a time. It's just nice that everyday i am accomplishing my goals little by little and this craft really amazed me.

For now, allow me to greet all of you a great Friday. I will be in a working mode in the next few hours...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Benefits of Blog Meme

For quite sometime, my cells seem to be much cooperative. I mean i always have the energy to post various meme's i found online. Actually, i find this a nice alternative than posting a "me" post. For quite sometime, i got tired of really sharing various post about everything i indulge to or anything personal. Maybe, im just keeping a little privacy for myself this time. So, to just compensate the boring personal posts i used to share, blog meme saves me from escaping an entry here:

How does blog meme helps bloggers:

1. Increase Traffic

In one way or the other, i noticed a significant change in my alexa rank since i joined and focus on doing an entry on my other site. I used to have 3 million plus rank and when i started doing the entry every week, it went down to 900 plus thousand as of this typing.

2. Gain Exposure

- What i love about blog meme is you increase your blog exposure. The wordless wednesday is well participated by a lot of bloggers worldwide so whenever i host an entry, i received various visitors and they get to me well too.

3. Discover Other Bloggers

- One major rule when participating for meme is to blog hop. Meaning you have to check other entry and you do have the option to comment too. It's a nice way to increase visitors while gaining friends too..

4. Potential Advertisers

- I remember creating my entry for my favorite meme and after which someone leave me a message from a participant who is willing to buy a review in my niche site. She saw my other sites from that site i hosted an entry so blessing in disguise, indeed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fidelity, is It Worth It?

I am no perfect yet i am proud to say i am a one-man woman. It just fascinates me how i kept myself in distance to the opposite sex since day one of our relationship. I mean there endless chance to fall in love or to be with someone else arms but at the end of the day, when i think how my partner works hard to provide me with all the things i need then i don't think i have the right to start an affair.

To that note let me share with you a nice quote i found online:

Yes, it's all about true loyalty and proud to have kept that for so long. The good thing, we will be spending quality time for each other in few months. At long last, he can escape his chaos world and as early as this time i am planning our itenaries. It excites me big time to the point that my notepad is full of things to do every now and

That's all for now, Start the week right friends..Be Safe!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How's Your Weekend?

Happy Weekend folks, how are you doing friends? I hope you're making the most of the day. Did you had your usual Saturday routine like cleaning your room, window shopping or perhaps you did visit your parlor, that is so nice indeed.

As for me i was at the city to run few errands. The mall was flocked with shoppers and i noticed a lot of family members roaming around while they get something to eat. That's a perfect scenario for me.If there's one thing i am happy about, its when our family get into bonding like some escapades last Christmas. The brother asked me if i would like to join them for a night out. I refused to, i don't think my partner would be happy at that and also, i love staying at home and watching movies and talk to my love. That's how simple my life is..Getting romantic? I am and blame it to my sweet and lovable and kind mahal.wink***

Enjoy the rest of the day folks...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excellent Year for Me?

..crossing my finger...

I just read somewhere that this is an excellent year for me. I am a Oxen (year of the Ox) Last year i was predicted to have a great year and i guess i did and now as the horoscope read it will be an excellent, far better than great. Is it true? Hopefully:

here's an excerpt to what i've been reading:

Fire Snake in a Water Year. 

 As the Water Year destroys the Fire Snake weakening it, this is an inauspicious year.

 Birth Element which will enjoy a favourable/unfavourable year etc. 

Strong Metal, weak Water, weak Wood weak 
Metal, Strong Wood, weak Fire 

 Compatible Animal Signs this year:- 

Excellent - Rooster, Ox 
Avoid - Tiger, Snake, Pig 

 Good Travel Direction this year:- 

Metal - North-West/West 
Water - North

Here are more:

If you belong to the Year of the Ox 2013 (after the Year of the Dragon in 2012) should be a good year for you. 2013 is the Year of the Snake. 2013 is thought to be a lucky year by many (because the snake resembles the dragon, and the dragon is the luckiest zodiac animal of all). So, combining the good fortune of the snake and the good luck of the dragon, 2013 should be pretty good.

Source: here

Well, its just predictions but i really feel inspired and motivated when i read such heartwarming stuff. I don't know why i believe that but mostly it works for me. For instance last year, i had a great journey and on the first month i read that i will have a smooth-sailing sails on the said year. True indeed, i was blessed with unexpected blessings. Hopefully, the predictions works perfectly on me.Thus, did you know the feeling of positive vibes at the start of the year. Yeah, i can feel a nice magnetic drive for this year and hopefully it will bring good things to me and to my loved ones.

Good luck to this lucky year folks!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Perfect Valentine Gift

Time really flies so fast and before we knew it we will be at the midst of this year already. I wonder why we seem to just unnoticed time, right? In few weeks, we will be welcoming again another month and i knew few lovers out there would love to book their dates and plan for some reservations. Flowers and balloons will be of trend and of course most of the gentleman would have a fair share of gift searching. I bet most of them would go to the nearest malls and search at some boutiques where a plethora of perfumes or jewelries are displayed. Yes, perfumes are woman's friend and every lady would love to get them especially if it came from their special someone. Apart from that, other men would love to get designer bags and maybe scout for perfect luxury watches. The latter is one of the most sought after gifts during special occasions apart from bracelets and necklaces, of course. We all knew how women are disciples of vanity and everything precious and rare just put a smile on their lips. No wonder, designer items puts an ear to ear smile to them..

So gentleman, if you are looking for a perfect present this coming Valentine's Day. Don't hesitate to get these luxurious stuff perfect for your precious better half.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bratsplash: Portable and Mild-Scented Handwash

Do you bring with you a handwash wherever you go? Ohh yes, my bag always have a facial tissue and a handwash wherever i may go. I am just used on it and its a nice choice. I mean for instance when you wish to eat some street food and you don't have anything to wipe into then having that will surely saves you from any health risk. Well, for those who would like to get a nice handwash and wants something that is mild-scented then try my new find.

I just try these flavours lately and i am honestly convinced about its prettylicious scent. They have a plethora of scents to choose from..

I super love it's scent, a bit fruity

each bottle has unique scent

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Productive Week and More..

Okey, im still not yet done with all the online tasks that i have as of this typing. Glad the start of the year is quite a pouring of blessings on my end and maybe on some bloggers too. I had few tasks to do in one of my favorite site and two more reviews to do in my niche sites. I just did some as i don't want to let the day pass without doing anything. The rest of my time were at the comment exchange and it's the first time to join so i have to give a little time on it. Mind you i have been doing my online things to do in few hours and i havent taken my lunch yet. Hayts, so many things to do but im not complaining.

On some lighter notes, we are set for a reunion tomorrow with my college friends and i am so excited. I have few iteneraries for this month and it excites me big time where i am heading to. Need to save for additional shopping funds..Happy Weekened guys!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Find Your Babe at Twitter

Indeed, the role of social networking is beyond compare. With the technological advancement that we are currently enjoying, i still can't imagine what else can't we not do. Everything seems to become possible in just a click of a mouse. For instance, people just use the net for paying their bills, for shopping, for communicating and even to relay business directions. They are usually dependent on the convenience of this technological innovation.

I remember during the early days of social networking. I had an account then with the popular Friendster and i think that social portal was one of the most sought after site back then. We are allowed to post our status message, publish notes, and even post photos. Yes, i was honestly stunned by the great things this portal brought to me. Like, when i celebrated my birthday, i saw my friends and colleagues extending their greetings over my wall. It was indeed a fun and friendly site.

Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter dominates the web. The are currently the social networking giants that really fascinates every user. At facebook, you can take a quick look at your friends photos and thereby creating a closer bridge to our loved ones. Same goes with twitter, in fact this portal just makes you well updated on everything. You can also take a quick conversation to anyone and with just a tweet, then everything seems to be updated in just a snap. For people who are in a look out for a nice babe then follow  
PornTwitter and get the latest news and updates about their current uploads and fascinations.

Well, i have my lists of fantastic page at Twitter and mostly i followed celebrities and news anchor My own little way of reaching out to them..