Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well and well, as 2010 enters heres the favorite thing to do for every blogger, heres my wishlist for 2010:

1. A cute stuff toy
2. i look forward to receive flowers this 2010
3. i wish to really see my honey personally by 2010
4. i wish i could have children by 2010 ( with father..hehehe)
5. i wish to see my brother graduating this year
6. i wish to won a laptop
7. i wish to experience really true love
8. i wish to have a vacation by this year
9. i wish i could help other people even with the simpleast act
10. i wish to earn a page rank here.

just 10 by now coz i knew it would be so hard again to attain plenty of wishlist..But no matter how long my wishes were, as the great author once said, theres no harm in dreaming and in trying but make sure all our goals and wishes are attainable. These are just wishes but like real believer of Fairy's and genies, i still wish them to come true..in time.

Rainy Morning

well a cold morning to everyone, i started to blog very early coz i was to do something so urgent. But thank god i had this chance to update once again, hence nothing so meaningful today exce[pt for my plan to go to downtown and visit my bank. But i dont know if its a good idea to go now coz of the pouring of heavy rains, wish mr. sunshine would come and visit us first, lots of hanging clothes that is still wet until now.poor clothes. Anyways, allow me to greet my visitors who were really nice enough to visits me often, to tech most especially.A big thanks.