Thursday, August 30, 2012

Respect for Bloggers

I knew most of you guys who lived in the country where a controversial senator was criticized for plagiarism maybe was a little disturbed with a short phrase from him saying:

“Ba’t ko naman iko-quote yung blogger? Blogger lang yun.

Quoted by Senator Sotto referring to a US based blogger of "The Healthy Home Economics". I actually didn't knew at first if i grasp is right or maybe i am just a little different in the sense that i am also a blogger like Sarah. In the very first place, whether the speech of the Senator is copied or not, he actually has no right nor should he put down the any blogger in general. I don't think he mean it that way but the way he phrased it, i sense it a little disrespect for a blogger like me. Well, the notion maybe - bloggers have no permanent income. We just write our dreams, personal circumstance as they quote it to be:

“Iyon pala, parang libro yata daw iyon sa Internet na nilalagay mo doon ang iyong mga panaginip, mga opinyon, mga ideya, mga kaalaman.

Bloggers for them are maybe just people who have all the time in the world to share their dreams and aspirations and anything that is like a waste of time. Ohh yeah, belittling these no permanent career is something that maybe right for them. But then, these days where people breath in the internet, i don't think our role as "writers of life" maybe be taken for granted. Just for instance, bloggers contribute a lot to anything that you do search for. Our blogs are sometimes your resources, your place of interest, you gossip hub and maybe at some point our online portals became your inspiration in anything you struggle of.

You see blogger contribute a lot in as much as bringing vibrant and meaning to the world of internet. We may just be a mere "blogger" but every time we hit the publish button, our posts go a long way and influence many lives whether we gain the credit or not :)