Friday, December 30, 2011

A Need for Employee Recognition

Im running out of words here. Honestly, doing five to ten reviews in a row for a week makes my head crazy. I am always looking for a new introduction and heck my brain seem to freeze when i overused it, do you experience such stuff too? How do you overcome it? Quite odd, but did you know that im making two posts simulatenously, i need to multitask and publishing two posts made me hit my quota earlier. Havent you realised how my butt is a bit hardworking these days? Well, i am dude and despite the pressure and the thought of staying in bed, i opt to work with these stuff. Better invest and make my day productive if i can.

Anyway, i am supposed to write here about employee recognition. So let me start here by asking my readers, are you satisfied with your current job?I knew some will just shake their head because its a very fact that most of us wishes to have someone's else shoe. In any case, contentment doesnt just lie on one factor. The salary maybe a major thing but all the rest says something else. Id like to mention that not all companys are hard on its employees. There are organizations whose goals and programs centered on pro employee. They have certain benefits and incentive program that are indeed pleasing to the eye of the worker. I figured, having an incentive programs whatever industry you are in is a truly a big factor. It gives higher motivation to the worker not only to work more but give a little concern to the organization. Right, workers? So if you are scouting fop a new job now then try to do some brief research of the company you opt to get into. At least, you will have an idea of the things that are negotiable and non-negotiable based on your principles and morals.

Womens Wallets On Sale

The countdown is almost over. One more day to go and 2012 will be dominating the world.So what's with the brand new year? Do you have a strange feeling on the coming year? I do, perhaps because i watched the 2012 doomsday movie and i just cant erased every scenes that i vividly remember. Im afraid of the possibility that it might happen very soon but honestly its not the scary side of it that made me sad of 2012 but its the thought that the journey will finally end and i figured im not yet ready.A friend once told me that wherever we are and whatever status we have, we should always be prepared. As they say, no one knows when our contract will end and even the angels in heaven are clueless to the worlds end. If that day happpens, do you thinnk you are ready to face HIM? What will you tell HIM? Do you think you have done something else that can make you proud of your lifes accomplishments?

Indeed, life is not just about trophies, money and nice mansions. Its far more than that. Its about intangible stuff that you extend to yout neighbors wholeheartely. Its about following God's commandments. Well, i knew i have so many holes in my life yet im not ashamned of acknowledging it coz like yours there are times that my human mind is stronger than my will to stay guided with his words. Anyway, im talking so much here. I forgot that i need to browse about purse hanger, womens wallets and pill boxes. They are essential stuff for us women and before this year closes, i have to pick my personal stuff first.WE have this tradition that when the year starts you have to follow some traditions and myths so that the entire year will be as progressive and abunndant as you wish. WE have few to mentions myths lie completing the round fruits which we normally follow. Theres nothing wrong in doing that so why not try it, if you think good luck will knowck on your door.

Eden Pure Heaters

While doing this post, i am watching a tv show. It is hosted by the famous presidential sister and the show features a tour in her house. As expected, it so classy and sophosticated. Most of her furnitures are designed by famous interior designer. How we wish we are on her show but hey we have our own life and each journey lies on our hand for us to struggle and fight every battle. Anyway, i was able to take some glimpse on her bedroom, on her living room and i was able to see her comfort room. As she quote, she doesnt even have a bathtub and her house is far beyond her personality on the televison. BUt i guess there is eden pure heaters on her comfort area. I just saw the shower room and the toilet area but was not so sure if there an edenpure heaters.I knew they need a heater coz most of them arrived early in the morning annd im sure they ccant withstand the cold water, right? Whatever, im pretty sure this lady will settle with branded stuff like eden pure. Its a famous brand so i will not be surprise if she pick the said home stuff.

Well, so much about her. Its past eleven in the morning. I had a good rest today and i feel so rejuvenated. I need that because the flood thing was very stressful. Just imagine btaking our dinner on the side of the highway but it was worth of the experience. Before i forgot, its a day more before welcoming a brand new year, are you already readdy? have you pick your grocery? Hopefully, coz im so sure i will be joining the rest of the guys for the last minute grocery.