Thursday, November 24, 2011

Browse for Travel Nursing Jobs

As ive mentioned in my previous post, i was at the hospital near my place to visit a neighbor. Her baby is confined now because of weak lungs and a heart problem. I cant help but feel pity to the mother because i knew she has nowhere to go nor ask help. The father of the baby is nowhere to be found while her family is not that well off to provide her with her medication and hospital needs. Going back, i headed to the pediatrics section of the hospital and i feel so unease whenever i passed by at those rooms filled with sick babies. I couldnt help but feel pity with their situation and with their mom too. The room infront of the pedia ward is the nurse station. Good things theyre just a window away so in any case there is an emergency or if a patient needs a quick medical attention, they can rescue or attend to them the soonest.

Speaking of nurses, i knew most of them belongs to a well off family. You can see the way they pose or talk. They have good breeding and i guess some belongs to a reputable family. I say so because the course is indeed expensive and settling in a local job is quite a suicide. Ohh well, i need to remember my pledge of patriotism. But kidding aside, the reality is indeed painful knowing the salary range of a typical nurse. No wonder, most of them dream to be at foreign land and serve the people outside of their respective country because of the fact that we cant provide them with rewarding compensation. So if you are scouting for possible medical jobs then why dont you browse for travel nursing jobs here and abroad. Its actually a unique job in the sense that they travel on the places they choose to go on assignment. You can find some vacancy online or call some travel nursing companies for a sure slot. Anyway, the net is rich on online resources for travel nurse companies so im quite sure it will be easy for you to find one.

A Long Day

To start off, my feet is so tired from roaming the entire city. I visited a neighbor who is presently confined at the hospital with her baby. I bought few pantries and fruits for her since i am wearing my wedges, i cant help but feel so tired because of the long walk the entire day. My real agenda was to buy my gift and footwear but i actually have not buy the former since its already late. I am cramming because i still need to give some bucks for the brother to go to the market. Now, im stucked with few more errands tomorrow. I still need to have my manicure and pedicure, contact the person who will do my make up and have our church rehearsal. Im still not sure if i could drop by at the hospital tomorrow, hopefully. Its indeed a long day for me.

On Belt Conveyors

Its been a busy day for me nevertheless, i dont want to think that i cant do it. I have so many errands that need my urgent attention and i want to give them their respective priority. I headed to the city early in the morning coz i wasnt able to withdraw from the local hall. I was lucky that i had my money as early as now. I was able to ask someone to do my laundry too coz i will attend a wedding this Saturday so ill surely cant give a time on other chores.

Going back, while i was on my way home, i was amazed how fast the construction of a new hotel in nearby. I dont know exactly when they start constructing but the span of time they had for doing the building is amazingly fast. At least, the place would have a better hotel. On the other end, i saw some Belt conveyors and conveyor belt inside the building. I figured they need it for convenient and flexibility of the construction men. I wish they knew too about some material handling conveyors so that they wouldnt have hard time doing the movement of materials in a horizontal and shallow plane. But i knew the person who manage the construction has its perfect strategy. For now, i cant help but get excited for their upcoming opening.

Huge Assortments of Hot Tube Filter

A spa is a woman's friend. We all want to be pampered after a stressful and tiring day, who woundt want after all? Today, i dream to be in a place where i can just hear the sounds of a running water. I want to sleep in a room filled with petals and be touched with a fine spa massage that would give a little tickle in my body. I love the refreshing scents of spa room where i could sense no pollution and all i just care is a sound sleep and a relaxing feeling. Ohh well, everyday spa is not impossible. Ive known few individuals who have s small room for spa and just bought some equipments and other spa related stuff. Its actually no hassle if you have your own spa room than going into s spa center everyday.

You could find great deals on hot tub covers and spa chemicals at an affordable rate. In fact, my recent find is the premium source of most spa owners so you will be sure of its quality and durability. You could also find few assortments and models of hot tub filter, if you are in need of one. The good news, its a one stop spa shop. You could find almost everything you need for you spa stuff from spa covers to your spa filters. You will love shopping at Its actually America's leading source of spa equipment

Its an Answered Prayer

I dont know how to thank God for an answered prayer. Im just so happy for having a man as great as my hubby. Woot..i was just asking for a miracle last night and God is really so good. He really helped me all through out. To my honey pie, thank you for everything, for being there always, for being my bestfriend and for all the love and understanding. I will always be your partner.Another love thoughts id like to share.

Love is either unconditional or it's no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say 'I love you because', for love has no cause, love comes from God.