Saturday, June 8, 2013

How I Get Free Items at Halo-Halo Mall

If you are an online shopper then i think it's about time you pay attention to my latest find.

Heard about?


Okey, this online portal is a shopping hub where you can get any products, merchandise and pay it at your most convenient payment method. Like the rest of the shopping resource in the country, they offer speedy transaction and excellent customer service. Thus, most of their deliveries are through JRS Express. I am a certified online shopping disciple and whenever and wherever i am offered free shopping galore, i don't hesitate to try and mostly my lucks perfectly works for me.

So, this time around ill feature how my sister got a free shopping galore for us. Like the typical sisters, we usually share beauty and fashion talks. I think i influenced her in my online addiction and that, she tried giving an eye to Halo-Halo Mall. In one of our chit chat days, she told me that she won on one of the games she played at this site and eventually her points reached to 1000 which she can redeem any merchandise she wants. For a brief view, upon sign up at Halo Halo Mall you'll get 100 points and 1 pt equals 1 peso.

So, anyone who signs up at this site will eventually receive 100 points which means that when you purchase anytime upon your sign up, you'll eventually avail of 100 pesos off considering if you purchase immediately. Well, if you opt to play games then your points will increase eventually until you reached the points you desired and shop for stuff you like.

See sample below:

 photo untitled_zpsc35e6dac.png
See, its pretty easy and getting the desired points you want is just a drop of  a hat. So, moving on. My sister accumulates 1000 point just by visiting the site daily and playing the games offered and one fine day, she placed an order for in one of the stores. She got two dresses, one for her and one for me. So, lat Monday the items were delivered with no sweat, here are those:

 photo Photo-0404_zpsf71860c4.jpg

Another parcel is coming today, so ill feature it in my next post. Happy Shopping Guys!!!!