Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Win $300- Coach Bag

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Want to have a Coach bag for free? well dont worry you can have it for free, just by joining the contest here. Its easy, right? Its an every womans dream to own a coach bag really, and suddenly theres a blog contest, so why dont you join and try your luck? anyway theres no harm in trying. I really love joining blog contests and promotions because ive won once and this really proved that luck is just everyhwre, who knows its your turn, common join now.

Weird is New Normal

We always label the word "weird" to someone we think is not usual and typical or should we say not normal in terms of our norms and social standards, but try to figure out, if we are all normal then this world will not be as chaotic as we think and of course will not be challenging to all of us, and since it is, there are really weird individuals in this journey called life. Well maybe you want to know more about them, try to visit his world and know more her insights about life, about life and his Blogging thoughts on the weird and not so weird.

Challenges: A Part of Life

I want to borrow a quote from an author which says " Life is a journey full of bumps", true this journey woudnt be complete without our trials and tests that comes our way. There are those that just passed by smoothly and those bumps that really tempt us to quit but whatever it is, isnt it challenging to always look forward to another day - at least its an opportunity to start all over again, another day that is given to us not to redo whatever mistakes we had but to learn from the mistakes and take that as lesson like this site which talks about challenges and how he managed to cope up with it especially in the advent of new technology.

Best Deal Furnitures

Two year ago i decided to do some renovations in the house, specifically on my room, i did some new painting and i put a new cabinet with personalized mirror on it. It turned out fine, thanks to the help of my father who is an expert on that field.Some changes also includes putting some moldings, new walling s and i put too a lamp beside my bed plus a light colored curtain that indeed added attractions on my room, but now i am looking for log bunk bed cause a lot of friends told me that it is indeed good especially if you need a good sleep after a tiring day. Hopefully i could get one soon or maybe asked one of my friends abroad to search for me a quality and durable bed. Anyway, it is indeed proven that beautifying our house is a tough job, it does not only need expertise but also u need to be very careful in choosing the person you want to do the work, he/ she needs to know your taste and should be helpful not someone you'll hire professionally and just do his work according to his taste and not according to his customers needs. But its such so fulfilling to see great outputs, right?