Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paint Your Lips Pink

A pink lips is quite an attractive scene. In fact, i observed most celebrities choose to wear pink lipstick. It must be the present trend nowadays or maybe because the popular celebrity always wear this color. Perhaps both, right?

Honestly, i love to get any shades for as long as i love the quality and would not give extra cracks on my lips but having a pink shades with extra shines is kinda a nice pick. So, today ill be sharing a nice find for women who opt to get a pink shades. Nichido offers a different kind of pink lipstick that not only give the owner a beautiful puffing lips but also gives extra moist to your lips. Why don't you try..

 photo Photo-0174_zps38e3cd61.jpg
Attractive shades, right?

 photo Photo-0173_zps598b0991.jpg
Nichido offers a lite pink shade

Ohh well. i got this lipstick months ago and as you can see, it's still good as new since i love a darker shades but when i feel like going lite and carefree then this lipstick becomes a top pick. So gals, if you are having a hard time getting a perfect pink shade then trust this..

 photo Photo-0172_zpsf714d1b9.jpg