Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Grateful

I was amazed to know that my articles were all approved and to that im motivated to do more today, hopefully. God is so good to me recently, i always have an advertiser at least regularly and i owe to my God for really extending so much blessings to me and to my family. I just hope i will be blessed with good words and right mood for me to be able to do all my pending tasks. I'm planning to write at least 5 articles now so that it will be included in next weeks payment.

On the other end, aside from the pouring of online tasks, the honey really inspired me to do more in all my extra avenues. Although, he told me that i need not to abuse my health but then i still want to aim more because i have things and plans that i opt to materialize soon. Well, i actually just lost some of my valuable last week and sadly, it was pick pocketed when i was at downtown last week. I actually didnt realized it until i was at my room and found out what had happened. I immediately told my partner about what had happened so he hurriedly wired me that same night. He actually oversee my finances and make sure that i still have enough which im so grateful that he is there. Today, he asked me if i still have enough money for everybody and i always tell him not to get worried but then he will always insist to tell him if there is any problem. He is simply thoughtful and i knew i cant find anymore a man whose love is beyond my expectations. He doesn't just take good care of me but even the rest of my loved ones. Really, he is the best thing that happened to me.