Saturday, September 18, 2010

MOral Obligation - A Woman Spirit

With the present news on television about babies being abondoned by their mothers is really so terrible, how much more seeing a footage of a died fetus being thrown into the river or even just in the trash bag, its really so hilarious.Just this week, a certain newly born baby was abandoned by is mother at Gulf Air and luckily a man was able to notice this baby so he was turn over to DSWD. But now more and more people are interested to adopt these child and be given extra care when her own mother cannot even give to him, even just little love. Nonethelessm, we have no right at all to judge the woman because we dont know what exactly happened at her working place, all we just knew was the crime of abandonement which axed our heart. I guess everyone of us were touched by these certain situations especially if it involved helpless babies when they cant even fight at all for all those unfortunate circumstances. I always believe and will still believe that a baby is a blessing coz not all woman has the chance to become a mother but not all parents can be called a mother. It takes a lot of sacrifice to become the later and it takes a lot more enduring and sometimes unbearable pain to become a so called mother. Coz a mother has a special heart that only mothers can ever have.

However heres the challenge to all women, when you face an untoward incident in your life that made you pregnant, for instance being raped by your emploer or being abused in a situation where you dont have control with and suddenly the cons is waking up with a child in your womb? Will you still continue giving life to your child or would you choose to underwent abortion because you felt you cannot give life to a child you dont long for. If you will choose thje former, its like staying in hell for the rest of your life, coz whenever you see the shild, as if you can remember every details of the crime in his eyes and if you choose the later its as if a part of you dies coz the baby is a part of you, every blood that runs in his body is your blood too and when you choose to kill him, it is like you decided to kill a part of you. With this tug of war between what you want to do and what you should do is a life changing decision, they may never knew what a woman is going through, it may just be easy for them to judge us or to misjudge us coz they' re not on our shoe but may this be a wake up call to every woman, to all woman that we have our respective moral obligations, its not just an obligation set by our religion but its more of deep commitment to become morally liable always in anything and everything we do in our everyday lives. Lets all be reminded that as a woman, is a great blessing coz into our hands lies greater responsiblity morally and spiritually.