Monday, June 1, 2009

Linkworth Assignment

Ive mentioned recently that i have a post assignment at linkworth, it was 150 words review for a certain travel agency. I immedietly publish my post however i encountered problem on posting my url, everytime i paste my post url, a message displays "your posting url is wrong"ouccch, it pissed me. I submit a ticket to them, hopefully it will be fine by tomorrow, as i only have ten days to publish the post to my site. Did you ever encounter the same problem, guys?


My boss will be having an annual sales review to be held at Manila tommorrow, that is why we are not allowed to go home not unless we would be able to finish all the required reports at the branch. My time says its 10 minutes more to go before 11 pm, i knew my eyes is getting tired, i am craving for a coffee just to forget the sleepy temptation im feeling right now. For sure as soon as ill be at my bed, no more talk and all those stuff, ill surely be asleep at once.

Island Getaway

Today marks the first day of june, time just fly too fast, nevertheless i can say that i had a great summer memories compared to last year, i did had a chance to visit lots of wonderful beaches and islands this summer. Ive been to island hopping in our nearby places and was really a memorable experienced. Indeed, such unforgettable experience in an spectacular places made you complete as a person, at the first glance you couldnt believe you've been there, you could not believe at first that a paradise is indeed true and sometimes you do ask, am i dreaming? but hey, the once in a lifetime getaway should be enjoyed to the fullest.
But theres one place i'd like you to visit, its located at Hilton Head South Carolina. Stay at the fantastic beach side at Hilton Head Island and be amazed at the beauty of their beaches, while youre there, play on one of their world-famous golf courses, and whats simply amazing is that, you dont have to go to the city to shop or you want to buy anything coz right there you can shop at their shopping center. Isnt it a great deal?
All this charming and historical setting ideally just for u, for you to be relaxed and just watch the sun set into the water. Now you're askin, where youll find this stunning beauty island packages?
Simple, just visit the link above for you to choose the wide array of great packages and accomodations.
Well, ill leave it in your hands to visit the place to be this summer.
This is of course brought to you by The Hilton Head Real State

Happy Lunch Tym

How was ur weekened guys? i hope u did had an enjoyable time with your family or loved ones, i just arrived at the office, and did my pending jobs. I mmedietly check my email and what a surprise, linkworth emailed for a penidng advertisers request for review, isnt it nice? its really such a great monday morning for me, until then,,i have to work first...