Sunday, May 5, 2013

Loving my M&S

I still have loots to review and share on this site yet i am lazy to capture some photos so i am reserving some reviews soon. Anyway, it's Sunday so i think i deserve a break, right guys? I started my day right as i hear mass in the morning. I am inspired to do so with the many blessings i am receiving. I promised to do my Sunday Service not to ask but to thank my Provider for everything and of course, it includes all the blessings i am receiving on this craft.

I feel bloated too today, as my mom makes sure we had a nice Sunday meal, my mom indeed. She loves pampering us through her one of a kind menu that we surely love. Going back, i am loving my present loots and its another beauty finds from Mark & Spencer. I will feature it soon after im done with my pending beauty reviews here. I just think, i need another cabinet for my beauty essentials especially now that i am into beauty reviews. Feel happy and satisfied with this craft plus i am earning. Nice deal, right?