Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a rainbow after the rain

" The hardest part is over", Finally, after a six-month prayer and guidance for strenth, and for the enlightenment, i am finally whole. Thanks to God for the ultimate guidance and strength he bestowed on me, that i remained strong, i remained faithful in HIM, they were all my arms to surpassed, in the difficult journey that i went thru. Im proud to acknowledge my Lord, for without him, i would remain empty, i would still be seraching for somebody's shadow, but because i trust in HIS word, in HIS promise, i have found fulfillment in my life, I have found the man that He wants me to be with.
Now i can see the rainbow, after the strong rain in my life. really God provides, if we only be patient. He would provide someone who could complete you, someone who would complete the puzzle.