Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Western Furniture

Before i dreamed to make our house really a great place to live in, i could have the best bedroom, our living room should have at least the latest sofas or wood furniture which would bring a different scenery. Just last year i bought a sofa for our living room, its actually the cheapest one but its beautiful. However if you would like to search for a variety of choices for rustic or western furnituresm why dont you consider this western furniture, for sure you could find the best furniture suited in your taste.

I feel im alone

When crises comes in your life, all youre thinkin are the people close to your heart to cheer you up, but why is it? that always and almost those people whom you think are the dearest are the one who leave you up during shortcomings. It melts my heart when i realized this, because ive been the type of person who easily trust, my confidence is easily gained but once its gone, theres no way of gaining it again. Hope this time ill realize of the value of true friends, and of course giving back the time, wasted time which was supposedly for my family. I became so blindfolded of the fake people whom i considered friends, now i knew who to trust most. Your family members will always be there, through thick and thin. Thats the most important lesson, i hope everybody had learned and will learn. Trust me.

Just not better

Life is so uncertain, we cant tell where our happiness will end, in the same manner that no one in this world is contant, all are temporary, they just pass by to us. for a lesson and for an experience.