Monday, July 26, 2010

How To Protect Your Site

For us blogger s who invested most of our time blogging and trying our best to have higher page rank, its so frustrating to find out one day that someone Else's just copied your work in just a click. First thing i have in mind is that, does he have a conscience? Coz maintaining a blog and updating it is really a hard task, plus giving your readers just a sensible topic will make your brain so dry and exhausted however i can now say that this is technology, the more it brings the convenience the more it brings risk too, anyway id like to give some tips to all my friends just to protect their work from plagiarism and infringement possibility. Its not actually impossible because hackers are everywhere and they're more internet savvy than us, let just admit that fact.Well, i have listed below some tips where it can help us save from further dilemma.

1. Ive learned from a friend that at least you should put your site this copyscape banner.

Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Software

This will be very helpful cause it can check if somebody else has copied your site

2. If you really caught someone who copied your content or worst has establish an autoblogging from your site and all your entries. Here's what you'll do.

a. you can visit the site and look for yourself if he has contact details or has space for comments. Leave a message politely to the person about your agenda, saying that you observed some entries from your being copied and that you want him to delete those entries if possible.

b. If he did not respond, you can sends an email to this if the site who violated is hosted by wordpress or to the bloggers help if its hosted by blogger. I guess its much better to contact first his/her web hosting than directly to the dmca.

c. If he really did not respond still, you can visit this site WHOS its a tool where you can check details of the site who does the violation, you can check the details of the website, where he is from, his contact number and even his address and email, then sends him an email immediately for an urgent attention.

d. lastly, this will be your last alternative, contact and you can file for a report. A bit of background: the DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement

e. Worst, your notification to them will be posted at including the personal identification and other details of the offending party.This is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Been Sick

Sorry guy if i was not able to update my beloved site last weekend, because i was sick and had a bad fever, maybe because i was caught in the rain on my way home last Friday since it was so hard and i was not able to bring with me my umbrella, i had no choice but to walk in the rain. Anyways, i just found out today that i had lots of things to share about to my readers, from my site being plagiarize, to my issue with this man who caused my headache and to other no big deal issue which i knew i deserve to share. I guess i need to hare with you guys too how to report things like these - i mean case like your site being copied by someone, coz this is so hard and very sensitive.I knew a lot of blogger s would like to know how we can act over cases like these. Thankfully, i have encountered a site which can traced the owner, the address and the site name in particular. I hope even on this simplest thing i can help u in your blogger dilemma.