Monday, May 31, 2010


A self made millionmaire once said that having all the comforts and luxuries in life is not about gaining a good degree nor having the right education, coz life didnt say that if you graduated with flying colors your success is guaranteed. Nahh. life is so uncertain, ive know someone who wwas always on top when were on our college years but end up a secretary and until now still a secretary. I have nothing against blue collar job but a job is always a job, you have the boss and you are the slave, isnt it frustrating? Doing your best for them? your entire years for them? Sacrificing your important and special events for them? But who benefitted a lot? Are we given a portion of their profit, of course not, that is why being a boss has always been a dream for us.
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Well its the start of the week once again and i knew it means a lot to career and professional men and women, as for me, i just drop by at the office to do somethin else and im back right away. I drop by at a certain store coz my brother asked me to drop by the med his doctor needs badly. The weather is so hot now, really hot plus the fact that we encounter brown out so it really aggravate our condition. Anyway,id like to thank my blogger friend who really took the time to visit me here. Thanks a lot.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I open my Blog Catalog account and immediately look for some things interesting to read, well i would like to share about what my attention caught into.Its posted by Dandan594 and his post was all about TOP TEN MISTAKES WOMAN MAKE IN A RELATIONSHIP
An excerpt of her post.

"let's talk about Hallmark cards, greeting cards, and just about any card you can think of. (Handmade Included) Unless it's a birthday, in which case, you should get something funny and just sign your name, don't give your guy cards with a short novel written in them, or your latest poetry. This is also including those long drawn out letters, and if your far away a letter is okay, but stay away from the hand to hand kind. Every man I know cringes at the thought of these. I know you want to pour your heart out, but it's too much for a man to swallow when your first starting out. If he sends them to you, then you can send them back to him with no worries. But, this is highly unlikely, I'm afraid."


My Sunday started fine, we jogged around the city and after which i visited a parlor and had my nails clean. I love the service they done to my nails, they are nice too and accommodating, one thing im looking in a parlor. Its the people their and how they attend to their customers. We ate our lunch at Joven's Grill and unfortunately i saw this woman who also came to the Grill and ordered for something, i made a glanced on her out of nothing but my glanced turned out to be a laughing sensation as i couldn't help it when i notice her shirt was not on the normal side, she had wear it where the back became her front and vice versa. I was about to tell the woman but i guess i dont want to sound bitch for that thing. I just leaved the food establishment and ignore what i saw. Am i bitchy?hehehe. Also i talked to my sister now coz she was asking for a help regarding their activity now which she herself spearheaded. She was asking if i could sponsor something for that said event. My brother and I promised to do something about it coz we knew she is really facing a big problem about that. Well i will surely sleep afterwards. Its soo hot here.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


When choices arise, its still whats best for us and what we think at that moment that will give us peace of mind that will surely win the game. Winning is not at all times about having a happy ending, not even about a fullfilment of a wish or dream but at the end of the day sometimes winning defines as having to wake up one morning feeling contented and to have the right reason to smile. Having a feeling of being so ruined and broken create a big difference to someone elses life. When sometimes you even bargain to do anything for that person - up to that extent yet still, not enough. Then should you settle for anything less just to fullfill the meotion of being loved? or should you run after him and shout to the entire world that this person means a lot to you. Sometimes out of the blue feeling, i am tempted really to do the stupid and the worst things a woman could ever do for love, out of desperation perhaps, like begging and trade anything he wants just to win him back BUT the thought alone hurts me, how much more the act itself. Remembering our times and our memories couldnt really be of help, just making things worst. I kept telling myself that things has its own time and that the journey ha sits own moment and things just happened if its really GOd's willing. Which made me think that God really and purposely break our ties, to have separate lives. He really intends to make my path away from him, as to what purpose and reason, i still dont know by now.
I am sacred to fall in love again, i am scared that i might be hurt again, i am scared of the possiblity of being played all over again. BUT HE promised of a love that is beyond compare, and for a life that was made out of sincere love, i know whoever that person i am about to meet , it will be a promise of sincere love, that THEY once had wasted.


It was definitely hot, true, i was sweatinga lot, really so hard while we were on our way back after seeing an apartment which we found in the city. The house was nice, it was fully airconditioned but i knew its not suited in us, why? because it has small space, we are tall and the second floor i think is just as small as a 4 feet tall girl. I swear it was just good to those who havent took their vitamins while they were small.hehehe..wink*. Anyways, i had a tiring and stressful day, i did the grocery and buy some important stuff, from my personal to the least basic like foods and junkfoods. I also went to the laundystore coz i already has lots of dirty clothes after which i just did some window shopping but still i couldnt help but but my favovite havainas pair, good thing i bought it in a good price. My friend texted me if i wanted to watch movie, i decided not to, coz i knew i am already so tired to do that, besides needs to do something important. Well i must admit that i missed my sister now, coz i use to ask her to be my buddy when malling but i should not be worried after we find our new home then for sure she will be here most of the time. Well, about u guys? anything special for now?


I remember my professor way back in my college years, he was our professor on our major subject on public governance, he is actually the former commisioner of COA, i couldnt help but remember him, as ive watched the news about the different scandals and issues the COMELEC is facing and previous controversies that involves the agency. Of course as a taxpayer i dont want to be silent about this matters especially if it involves the credibility of this department. They are not controlled by any executive or maybe under controlled by any department. They are independent body like COA. I use to admire COMELEC before because of course of the great performance they once had and the good track record they have, but now after all that came out, my confidence towards this body seems to lose and worst im losing it. From the ballot secrecy folder to the indelible ink and now to the new issue about the warehouse that theyre using for the temporary storage of the elections paraphernalias, i mean the auditing body has reported that COMELEC could save a lot if they have build their own warehouse than renting a figure of millions of pesos every month. I dont understand why it end up this way and i dont understand too why this issues came out just now, when their are commisions who oversee the expenses of every department but sad to say they have toleratde this things.
I remember a friend of mine who use to pay 9k a month for his tax, she is complaining about how gogevrnement is very aggresive in getting tax from every working individual when sadly it just goes to one's pocket. I hope thsi coming new adminastration, reform will takes place and of course hopefully our confidence to the goverment will eventually be back. Its us who make sthis government survives. I hope once and for all, its for us and for us alone that will be the best interest.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Mom to be Judy Ann Santos has finally revealed the gender of her first ever child and its a baby boy. I knew its going to be as handsome as Ryan and as sweet as the mom. Well the couple is very much lucky, arent they?

Friday Blah

Well Friday is friday, whatever it is, its still the last day fro work and tomorrow is a day to look forward to. Tomorrow ill surely go to department store as i need to buy a lot of stuff including personal and basic needs like food and sleepers too. A friend invited me to watch movie tomorrow, ill probably go with them but tomorrow i need to visit the apartment well probably transfered to. Its actually a large place, there are 3 bedrooms, has its own kitchen and a living room. Its spacious and good thing we were able to receive it. Its actually that big coz were planning that in case my family want to stay here or visit us, theres a place for them and no need to look for a hotel. Well, im so tired now, my eyes are heavy coz had a stressful day.


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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This is my first Award from Airamara, thank you girl for giving me this award. i appreciate it. THis actually "The Sweet Blog" Award. And i wanna pass this award to:


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I have a friend who is also a Virgo like me, and she is very sweet, articulate, caring and all those kind stuff, she used to tell me that Virgo people are really like that, coincidentally i am a Virgo too and a common friend of ours was with the same sign with us and what we have found out is that, we really have similarities and perhaps personality. I dont know if signs has something to do with it or if the date and year of birth tells us otherwise of the destiny nor the personality of the person, but one common grounds really shows, that whatever our signs are - poeple has unique character that can only be found in him. No two individuals are the same - even identical twins.


Well this was a great day for me, because a lot of wonderful things happened and i just want to thank God for really being so good, always. Another thing, havent you remember guys of the old PPP, wherein we used to chase opps and sometimes really do some refresing just to make those red opps truned green or white, hmmm, now i knew IZEA turned their old PPP, but now its called InPostLinks, and i supre love the idea of it coz it doesnt requires approval from advertisers anymore, well i will surely have a great year now.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I wish i could possibly share with you here guys the letter of no other than Mr. Willie Revillame to ABS CBN Management about his indefinite leave and about the incident that happened wherein he asked the latter to terminate the contract of a certain radio commentator which he has a short grift with. I knew this guy is somehow untollerable, with lots of cases of untorwards uncidents that happened on his show, i guess its about time to give chance to others and consider other talents too. Yes, he has skills and the ability to make people happy but its no enough just to have the skills, you need to have the RIGHT attitude too. When i saw Robin doing the hosting, i knew he is more of hesitants at first but he is fine and he also has the chram for the masses. Neverthless, i wish Mr. Revillame's all the best of everything, i guess he needs prayers and spiritual guidance too. Hope hell be able to see the light and learn to always put his feet on the ground.


My apology guys for not updating this site for quite a few days, the reason? i actually went home to my place and really did had a great time there, but mostly, i just slept a lot and do some household chores, i missed doing those stuff. And i also had a chance to attend the mass which was celebrated in honor of the Cross, which we normally do that every May. Afterwhich we were invited for a lunch in the Hermana's house/ Actually the main reason why we went home is the Alumni thing. We always look forard in attending our Grand Al;imni Homecoming which is done annually and held at our school. It was really a fun thing to see your former classmates and schoolmates succedds in this journey and sometimes you even wonder how these naughty students have made it on the top.For now, allow me to rest coz i am so sleepy and exhausted. Might buy a new Havainas this coming weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010


As part of our cultures, oftentimes the children like to stay at home even though they already have their respective family. While in foreign land, they were already used in separting from their parents when the right age come. I have nothing against our culture of close famil ties nor i am condening its pros and cons. But while i love to cook on my own, shop my own and provide my own, i would simply have to say that those individuals who really can make it in their own has a goal in life. Im not saying that those who lives with their parents has none, its just that, knowing your responsibilities as a mature man and woman simply put the right mark on your personality.I have experienced how it is to be living independently, when u really have to list the things you missed shopping, buying things you need from detergent to bedsheet and even to home accessories. Though i can say that it still best to be at home and nothing can ever compare to the felling of being at your own place, but still nothing can superscedes the feelling of having your own pad with all the privacy in it. Sleeping when u wanted to,when you feel not to wash the things you used in eating, you just put it at the corner and simply the thought that you are living and earning for yourself, simply gives the best difference.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I believe that love is about commitment and the state where you are willing to commit your self wholly to the one person your heart is aiming and wishing for. However not all instance love can inspired us, sometimes it caused us headache and sometimes we may asked, the possibility of two people to be together because of lots of hindrance and relationship bumps. But whatever it is isnt it good to accept the challenge coz at the end of the day, love will find its ways.


I couldnt believe its so so hot today, while we were enjoying going out and have a good dine outside, its the super hot atmosphere that pissed us off. Its not that normal sunlight that you can feel, instead its like peeling your skin. Anyway, we went to mass at the bassilica de Sto Nino and it was a great mass, i enjoyed the mass here coz its totally different, everyone is encouraged to participate in the singing and other chucrh activities. After that we room around the city and enjoy the fruits and specialties of the place, like the ever favorite pakwan and other native delicacies. I did had fun rooming aorund the city while its so hot, but enevertheless i enjoy the day. What more am i looking for? well now the buddy is outside, and im left home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The senatorial candidates who were proclaimed include Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile, Pia Cayetano, Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, and Ralph Recto. Senator-elect Miriam Defensor, and Franklin Drilon, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. were absent from their formal proclamation.
Early birds Enrile and Sotto were seen wearing a barong, while Pia Cayetano who was accompanied by brother Alan Peter Cayetano was seen wearing a pencil-cut skirt and a sleeveless blouse with geometric red and white stripes.
Jinggoy Estrada who later arrived with his family and a big entourage. He was followed by top senatorial candidate and local celebrity Bong Revilla arrived close to 3 p.m. He was accompanied by wife Lani. Well-wishers and some “fans” were quick to pose with most of the celebrity senatorial candidates


Cliche, but still want to use it " Life is still a great journey" i have heared a lot of time from people all over the country using this word, like it had been used a million times by people who have experienced how valuable their life is. I remember one time, i watched Oprah shows and she interviewed a woman who have her face misfigured, it was the worst face ive ever seen in m entire life, so as Oprah, she admitted. But then as their conversations went on, i came to appreciate how this women is equipped with a strong emotional system on his persona. Out of the worst of the worst things that could ever happened to a mans life, she still managed to stood out of the misfortune and even embraced her life as if she was the most precious and greatest woman ever lived. I admire her bravery, her courage but most of all i admire her faith. Her faith that made her support system. Coz according to her even if she no more eyes to see the beauty of the planet, even if she has no more nose to smell the fragrance of the flowers and though her face is as worst as the living moster in this world, she still managed to look forward in waking up everyday coz she knew everyday is a new hope for her and for her misfortunes.
In this jounrney of bumps and smooth paths, there always came a time when we wanted to give or even felt not loved but isnt it great to put in mind always that if today there are 5 million people who managed to woke up, is there still 5 million people who will wake up tomorrow? THis is a great start ti cherish our life and learn to gratify small things that we always neglect everyday. THE GIFT OF LIFE is so precious, that just the thought that we were once lucky to have opened our eyes as the sun rise, makes us the luckiest person far more than winning a lottery.


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Ive been thinking of what happened to the controversial host of WOWOWEE, i mean its already a week from no since his last show on his program. And today while i was reading a newspaper, there was an article that says, Willie left to Macau and he did not show to the networks bosses as he was asked to be at their office, the rumors is that the host was pirated by TV5 coz on tomorrow's Party 5 show thre will be a tribute for Willie, with his songs being sang by the maintstay there. Today it is Robin Padilla who became their guest host together with the female hosts of the show. As for me, the show will be much better without Willie coz i hate his arrogance. Hope the network will learn to discipline ther stars.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


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I had a very stressful trip but thank God ice made it, all trips were fully booked yesterday and i really have to make ways so that i could buy a ticket, thank God i have a friend in the booth and he was able to get me one. While i was sitting alone waiting for the flight, a stranger approach me and make friends, i never really felt so alone coz she was a good company and has a great sense of humor. Finally done my sleep and updating my site for updates. More to come.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It seems that the Nationalistas bet Manny Villar has accepted his loss, when he asks for a press conference just an hour ago and anounces that he already accepted his loss and he congratulate Aquino, though the results thats coming out from COMELEC as of this time is still unofficial, he already accepted from the bottom of his heart that the people have spoken as to whom they want for the top position. The rest of the candidate is still on mum and i guess waiting for the final announcement form the body. I admire his courage for coming out from the open and accepted the decision and respect the voice of the people- it simplifies the true quality of a good leader.


The latest on our presidential race, as of this time, COMELEC countdown says that its still AQUINO who is leading the race and followed by ESTRADA and VILLAR and so on. THis count is based on 50 percent turn out of voters from different precincts in the country, while in the presidential race the unexpected turin out goes to the no 1 spot for BINAY then followed by ROXAS and LEGARDA, it seems that the surveys speaks for itself, But sad to the say the consistent survey's leading ROXAS has been on the back of BINAY already which was unexpected. A while ago the COMELEC still adviced the public that its still unofficial and uncanvassed, it means that they still have to double check the back up memory of the respective PCOS from different places to verify the results that was transmitted to the body. More update later......

Monday, May 10, 2010


As far as i remember i alreday posted this stuff here just a weeks ago, it was about the PTC and how it is helpful to bloggers and of course to people who wanted to earn, just this night i realized how WORDLINX is really so amazing and wonderful, you get paid when clicking the advertisers ads plus if you refer more thru your link there are additional bonus and a sign up bonus too. This is really so great, i tell u guys, this site is really so amazing..


This is the proof that i am a good citizen and my obedience to my oath being a true Filipino.Well, enough of patriotism, but heres my proud index finger with the ever so messy indelible ink. My nail polish seems with the same color with the indelible ink, how lucky.hehehe. I guess i just need to borrow their extra ink to have a long lasting polish. Great idea? what u think guys?


Are u in deep pain now? or maybe you just have many things to hink about, that many in the lists made your mind so preoccupied, somehow you began to ask, IS this the world? a cruel place to live in, maybe now u start talking and thinking if GOD is true or that HIS LOVE IS REAL, enough of that, i want to share with you this blog, a truelly wonderful and amazing source of inspiration to life's trouble, disappointments, heataches and doubts. Somehow i realized blogging does not only gain you wonderful friends but create a better horizon in life.


I was in deep thought about the recent political condition in my country, I was even bothered when a kid asked me, Is Election full of Money? I couldn’t utter any word from her query, will I say yes? Or will I lie and said the other thing, the kid knew how politics is dirty and how she saw her parents accepting money from strangers in exchange of their commitments to vote for that candidate. And now its time for her to confirm and the sad thing, it will comes from me. Since I am more protective of the thought it will possibly gave to her, I refuse to answer her question and change the topic immediately. I knew what she was thinking and I knew what she was feeling all along, But sad to say instead that we – the older people to influence our kids with good manners, ITS us who mold our children to be the person they will be in the future, I doubt if the time came that this bribery and vote buying will be eradicated coz with the passage of time, I have experienced how it became WORST. Now in my generation, our present generation, when we aim for CHANGE, but are we really worth of it? Are we worth of good governance we are dreaming of, can we build a government free from corruptions, can we passed on a better government to our children, I will leave that to you to answer to that question, coz if you will allow a dirty government to your children, then perhaps you are one of those people who are dying to bargain their vote, even to the cheapest currency. BUT if you are one of those few individuals who wanted to make a difference, then youre one of the few and rare minds who care for their futures children – in a government not that much ideal but worthy of respect and trust of its constituents.


Who will be the next president of this republic? Will it be the yellow partisan, The man who claimed to be for the poor? or will it be the man tasked by God? Indeed we dont know who will be our next leader. I am have my personal bet and of course you do have too, i may not have right to tell u to like my bet nor to convince me to favor with your bet but at the end of day, its for the betterment of the country that is the main bottom line, So to the next FIRST FAMILY - i do hope that you would learn to cherish the vote of each one of us who believes in your capability and passion for CHANGE. Hope the next six years will not result into rallies and protest for a wasted VOTE.


Im happy to share with your guys my experience on this 2010 first automated elections. In our precinct, the process runs very smoothly, it was organized and very peaceful. I apprecaite the ever supportive BEI's and PPCRV volunteers, Thank guys. As far as i observed this election was very good, it was fast, easy and very convenient to all voters. As of this time 75 percent of all the voters in my place have voted already, so by 3 pm i guess we are already ready for casting. I believe that this automated elections is really favorable not only to the voters but to the elction bosy as well, less responsiblities and the results are really casted so fast. As of COMELEC, tonight by 10 pm they will already knew the result at least of 50 percent of the polling results nationwide. Of course there are areas that faced problems on their PCOS but i knew the COMELEC have already addressed their concern.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was about to put this meme last night but i forgot it, it was about WILLIE and his dramas today, i really coudnt help but feel s*** about how he put pressures on the management on his network on their alleged misunderstanding with the journalist. Its not that i hate this man, its just that i hate his attitude towards this incident, to the point that he will put bargains between them, isnt it so boastful to put the network in between walls, as he quotes, he will resigned from his show, if th latter will not terminate the contract of the journalist. I dont know this journalist either nor i am for him, i just hate the attitude that was shown, coz they are public figure, they should be the role model, he as the leader of the noontime show should always puts his feet always in the gorund and instead be thankful for all the blessings he is receiving. But its not what is happening, he is always very showy and that he wanted to show that he is that wealthy, i hate arrogance ad mush as i dont tolerate people stepping on someones shoes just to prove to the world that they are powerful. I hope the network will also discipline their employee if truelly they wanted to protect there identity as the leading network who always brings goodness to their viewers. THis is leadership by example.


Despite the bills that will flourish tomorrow and some even tonight, is your vote for sale? i knew this is a tough question but it is also a life changing decision coz if you choose the other then its like saying you expect a dirty government and worst bureacracy to come. BUt if youll start that change today then for sure there will be a bright future ahead of us and more positove government for our children. I knew being financially crippled temt us to accept these offers but isnt it great feeling to wake up one morning having a clean conscience and we have the chance to vote for the one person we believe that will give the difference rather than goung to the precinct and recalling how much this candidate gave us and we have no choice at all but to write his name because our vote was already sold, so as the government and our childrens future. Thus if you ahve accepted those envelopes and then regret at the end because these politicians did not do for the betterment of our place but has just mind his own business and busy how he will managed his wealth. BUT if we will start the CHANGE and refuse to let our sacred votes to be sold, then one day when that person assumed into office and he did not do well in terms of the service for his constituents, then i am the first one to advice you to knock at his office, and tell him that you regret giving your one sole vote, that alone will make the DIFFERENCE.

Friday, May 7, 2010


IT was not only the streamers, ribbons, leaflets nor ballpens that has clicked the campaign period nowadays, but bracelets too and even the our favorite colors says something else. THat is why the endorsers are more careful in chooisng their clothesm the colors and even more careful the way they positioned their fingers coz it might says somethin else, how funny but only these ELECTION i have encountered lots of personal black propaganda, immature campaigns and lots of below the belt propaganda. OF course, filipinos are not that matured but there are also extents that people says "ITS TOO MUCH" like for instance the latest balck propaganda for NOYNOY AQUINO, which qesutioned his mental health, it really didnt clicked and even fall back for the party who initiated those malicious news. Nevertheless, it has also taught a lot of things to the voters, to be more vgilant to the candidates, and that at the end of the day it will help in chosing for the right man in the position.
WEll. whatever color we are to, lets al walk out from our shelter and exerciseour right for sufrage, coz its only i this moment we will contribute to our society a change, that afte all, WE ARE WAITING FOR.


Out of Nowhere i was tempted to text my ex after a few months of hiatus and really zero communiations. The first time my text was sent, it was like my heart was beating so fast, like i was really there in front of him, but after a while my excitement vanished, not for anything else but for one sad realization - he was still the man ive left 129 days ago, same persona, same man who have broke my prescious heart. I realized i am just so lucky with all the present things ive had and more importantly im thankful he was just a memory and now i swear will just be a memory. The hurts are all gone, i have moved on already but this past few nights i want to make sure im at the right path and have never left my heart from someone else, Maybe i regret having the chance to speak with him now but its not the regret that dominates, its more of the WAT IF? what if i did do that? wil i be forever hooked by his memories? THanks i did it, i have proven one important lesson that i knew will be embedded forever in m y heart, as my friend quote " remembering what he has to u, are u stil willing to keep him?" i may be naive sometimes but having the decision of being with someone who will always puts you down, tore my heart. I he's not for forever, why will i waste my time with someone i allowed my life to be wasted for 3 years? Isnt it TOOOOOOOOOOO much?
BUT if GOD just allowed these heartaches and pains for me to be with the road of the man HE allowed me to be part of, THEN ITS A FAIR BARGAIN.


Just an our ago SC released its decisions regarding possible postponement of the May10 National Elections. According to the higher court THe COMELEC is ready for all possible problems will be enocuntered by the PCOS machine and that all contingency plans are all set. Just last tuesday, the testing encountered several problems interms of counting of votes particularly in the local level, but after all the flash cards being configured, the body was confident to announced that they have already set remedies for the said problem and that any problems that will arise will in the day of the elections are in control. Lets just cross our finger that al will end up fine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I would like tp personally camapign for Atty. Gwendolyn Pimentel, I upholds her ideals and platforms which indeed truelly salute her for being one of my personal favorite.
not only on her advocacy on child welfare but more so on her qualifications, her moral standards and above all she has the heart in protecting all women who are abused and who needs help and attention. Her Father is known to have a good reputation and even became the most trusted senator and senate president eventually. Id like that someone with a good reputation like Atty. Pimentel will be one of our legislator in the upper house so as to retain the good name and more and more good people will be retained in that few seats which i knew lots are allocated to people who even dont know the meaning of their position. I hope ull support me guys in voting for Atty. PImentel.


After the news came out of the wrong computation of the PCOS at the etsting center, these FLash Cards were the object of attention of everyone. THe Smartmatic team were pinpointing these falsh cards to have had a wrong instructions and that it causes the wrong casting of votes. To those who are not familiar about these things, like me, i ought to search these on the net so that i would fully understand what theyre talking about.


I guess its not only me but whole FIlipino people are in doubt and some even feared of failure of elections because of the last hour problem that ignite after these PCOS machines were tested. I am not saying that the body is not that prepared, its just that we are all saddened why these problems were not seen or forecasted knowing that theyre IT experts and the best of the best in the IT industry. The question was, how come the local results were not configured while the national were totally configured? DOES that mean that when they tested these machines with the ballots they did not see the local results? or did they just mislook these things? BUT you know the sad part is that, they have all the time to prepare for these elections, they have all the time to configure all these compact flash cards? BUT WHY JUST NOW? coundlt help but ASK?

Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear MOM,

I was thinking to give you a letter on this Mothers Day, but i knew its far more rewarding to write a more personal note to the most special person on this whole wide world. I knew seldom will i ever tells you how much you mean to me, rare are the chance i could say " I love You", though sometimes i wanted to whisper in your ears during late at night when you fall asleep while watching TV - that as much as i can, i want you always near me and beside me all the time.
I cant express in words what you give to me without even knowing it. You did such an amzing job being my mother and I dont think Ill tell you enough how i am grateful though i take u for granted sometimes.
Before ive thought i cant live without my phone, coz even if im at my bathroom ill bring it with me, i slept it beside me, always in my bag wherever i go, i am even so bothered and worried even just at a single time it was misplaced, BUT ive realized that my phone is nothing compared to you, though it is 24- hour battery operated and always useful in me, NOTHING can ever be compared to you MOM - you are more than my phone, even if you are low-batt, you still managed to oversee us, you still managed to cook for us, attend to us every second the clock ticks. Even if u dont have enough load finacially to sustain whatever we want - YOU manage to do everything just to make us feel that we are still lucky to have you as my mom. NOW i can say that i can live without my cellphone BUT i cant live without the SELFLESS person i could ever have.
So today is your one day for u alone though i you have given all the days fro 24 years for me, allow me to give you this day for u.
TO yOu MOM - Happy Mothers Day!
Loving you each second of the day,
your daughter

Sunday, May 2, 2010


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Ive thought that the best way to earn online is through sponsored posts, admit it guys, we are dying to have as many opps as possible to have bulk molah on our paypal. BUt i realized based on my reading from a blogger friend that his earning are more on PPC sites, because though its that small but when it accumulates at the end of the month, its still a molah and a molah can make the world go round. Second thinng, as was thinkin last night, why dont i engage in this small stuff at least its pretty damn SURE. Of course in PPP, its really sure but we have to wait for advertisers to invite us to write their products or services and of course these things are pretty damn good to those who have good traffics and has higher page ranks but what about those site like me who are on free wen hosting, not enough backlinks, not that lucky to have higher page ranks, DO WE STILL HAVE CHANCE TO HAVE GOOD ONLINE INCOME?....but im proud of the fact that this internet world is full of great things to discover, and i have just learned the simpliest way to a million.


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Saturday, May 1, 2010


This is the ultimate question to all internet savvy out there? Are we paid in surfung the net? or by clickling you tube? we just wish we are paid, but the truth is we can be paid by clicking advertisements, THIS IS TRUE..................

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I must admit that im a huge fan of Kris Aquino, one time the SWS survey came and i was asked whom i was fanatic of, i didnt had a secind thought to confess that i am a fan of Ms. Kris Aquino. I normally subscribe to his sms journals, i waited patiently at bookstores for her K-mag and of course i followed her tweeter, facebook, watched hers shows and in short i am always updated with her. I dont know what made me so in love with her, i just loved the way she is tackless, her star quality and of course her being her, simple as that. Recently ive had an update that will surely give smiles to the fans of her. I have searched her newest site which tackles everything on her and about her in general. Her life, her endorsements, her whereabouts and many more. Visit her page. See yah

TRue Love Is.....

i understand your point, and perhaps we just misunderstood things, this recent days, i was waiting for you to come online, and perhaps have a short talk, but unluckily i cant catch you online,,i missed your chat really, your voice and your sweet words..

I missed you even more... and all the time, I am missing you, although you are always inside my heart... But without you around, my heart was dull and depressed, and I was very sad and all the time lonely...

I was wondering why you did not send any messages, why you did not ask about mom, about me, about our plans... I was in a real delima cos not hearing anything from you...

Thu im longing you badly, i dont have the right at all to force you to love me in return coz i know you have your reasons, i really just missed you,,really and so badly...

I do not like you say that... cos you know how much I love you, and how much I value your love... Although we have our ups and downs, but we always go back to each other and talk it over, cos we care for each other... Remember the last time we had a similar situation and I could not get sleep at night, cos I was thinking about you all time... But we soon talked it over and we put things straight again... but this time it took soooo loooooong... I was soooo upset about this, again could not get good sleep at night, anytime I thought you already have another man in your life, and that you are dumping our love to him.

how i wish i could turn back hands time, those time wherein i was in your heart and those moments that i feel was always special..

You know very well, you are never out of my heart... YOU are always there, and I never thought to dump our love for the world, what hurt me was the other side, thinking you would dump our love for another man...

Thanks for the memories, i would always cherish,,,leavin a love that ive outgrown is really heartbreakin, coz after all these years, you remain the constant thing that stays with me despite all the people that leave me, despite all my trials and test..

Did you know that you are the only filipina who got my heart... I think I told you that already... I think that is the reason I get sick, depressed and sad when we do not contact for a while... I am also sure you appreciate our relationship that is gone over a long time already... Although we are thousands of miles apart, and never met in person, our hearts are always together, and they meet in ups and downs, in sadness and happinesss, and we always share each other feelings, and feel our passion, care and love for each other...

If you just knew what happened with me, my grandmom, whom i used to tell you recently that was confined in the hospital, died a few weeks ago,. thats why i was on leave for quite a few weeks, my yahoo messenger is just open at the office, for their access at the head office, i forgot to tell you, thats why whatever you saw there, might be so misleading..

I feel very sad about what happened to your grandma, and wish I was there to give my condolences and give you personal comfort... However, we must understand that this is God's well, and we must have faith in Him, and accept whatever He does... cos that is always the best for us... Cos He knows everything good for us...

I dont know if youll believe in me, but all i just want you to know is that, you would always be my man, and youll always be..
Thank you for all the time we've spent and laugh...that's one memory that I would cherish always...

I believe there are facts in this life which we always believe, cos they are FACTS.. and death is one of them.. Every one is going to die one day... Except God Almighty, the creator of life and death...

What gives me hope, is that you are still there for me.. and I am still here for you... Your love, warmth and passion are there...

I understand there was a bad typhoon this June in Phil when our meeting was planned.. so, may be it is better we meet some other time... I hope sooooooooooooooon....

Just be sure... certain.. positive.. that I love you.. love you... lover you... and that you are my only... and only... and only love... It is only my wish that we both take care of this love, and make sure we work together, to make it more and more stronger, sweet and romantic...


Sweetest Thing

THis is one of the sweetest mail he has ever sent to me, i love u so much honey:


May be I am not able express my love for you.. cos English is not my native language... But I can tell you honestly, that my love for you has changed my life, giving new sweet feelings in my heart... The feelings which I did not experience for looooong time... That is how I feel for you all the time...

Love you....

Pretty Cute

This is actually one of the thousands exchange of sweet meme between me and my honey pie, i just want to share you this one, ive sent this to him in one of his most busiest days, but somehow i love to share this with my blogger friends.
..i may not be a perfect lover..
i say whats on my mind
i start fights
i get jeoulous and sometimes
i dont want to understand things.

im demanding
im childish
im moody

but there are 3 things that i love
about me.... faithful... sweet...
.........and when i chose you


Once in while we need to update our link list to know whose blig are not anymore updated and those who i was not added in their link, i was shocked that there are lots of trash on my link list. Maybe because before i was not aware on my page rank so whoever asked to add their link, i willingly do that but now i realized i have to be extra and extra careful, some where even porns site, my gosh, some where from other counties which i cant understand any of their posts. I really wanted to have more friends, more links and of course i wanted to gain hundreds of blogger friends here. Whats the use of having this online portal if i will just have limited friends here. So to those who wanted to be my friend, want theur link to be added and want to share same their online portal with me, dont hesitate to leave me a message. Im open for link exchange not only to gain some pr, gave a higher traffic but most importantly to have more friends here. Ciao!


Full Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Since its too hot last night, i decided to go outside and sat at the terrace, i was having a fun time watching some kids passing by at the streets giggling and sometimes running, but then what amazed me was the very beautiful full moon which i felt like, he was staring at me, It was so great, it was so round and its color is very attractive. While i was staring at the moon, a native of the place told me that it was not full moon, i just smile coz i believe he was just kidding but then he says i should checked the calendar when was the full moon, he says last April 28, same moon showed already. I was shocked, two full moons? Is that possible? Im not an expert on Astronomy but this thing amuzes me and it really made me so curious, why did it happened?


Today marks the celebration of Labor Day in the country, but instead that it will be celebrated today, Malacanang Palace ought to make the celebration possible by Monday to have a long vacation. So this coming MOnday is a Holiday, isnt it great?
Proclamation No. 2043 reads:
"WHEREAS, RA 9849 provides among others, that Labor Day shall be observed on a Monday nearest May 1, which happens to be on May 3, 2010;
WHEREAS, a longer weekend encourages families to get together and strengthen their relationship towards a more productive environment, as well as promotes domestic tourism and enables employers to plan their work schedules effectively and efficiently, resulting in improved productivity, which is achieved whether the holiday falls on a Friday or Monday;"