Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bloody Encounter

The headlines of todays newspaper revolves around the hostage drama that happened last night. In fact i slept around 3 am last night just watching for updates of the crises. I knew it was really so sad that it end up that way but i guess its not time to point fingers but to learn from what had happend. I wrote about my sentiments on the said drama because i felt i need to air out what i saw that was a lapses on our policemen. The Hostage Drama that we all watched lats night gave the public the picture of our police authority and unfolds the real cops in our country. I felt so ashamed from the international community given the assault procedures they have undertaken from the said set-up. In fact one of the anchor in BBC news commented that the cops has been very lacks considering the different situation that they could give s hot to the suspect but they havent tried it, in the midst of negotiations, we can even see Capt. Mendoza waiving hands to the policemen, well this is all a hard earned lesson, i hope that with the taxes we are paying, with the tax i am contributing, proper trainings will be made to our cops so that they can address properly said scenarios and not be the source of bullying over this scenarios.

Wordlinx Faces Crises

I am a member of wordlinx and aside from being a credible company.,it is also known as one of the longest running PTC site in the net, in fact it has good track records in terms of payment and it has a good avenue in communicating ist members like having a forum and administrators really didi so well in taking care of its members, lately i received an email from them of an update of the company which i guess is so sad in our part. At least theyve been so honest and transparent. I admire their courage for thsi. Details of the email can be read below:

August Update

Those of you that follow developments here at WordLinx will have noticed we have implemented very few of the proposed improvements we scheduled earlier this year. Amongst other things, we were hoping to add a ten level downline system and forum. We believe that companies should be transparent, explaining anything that affects or could affect their customers, so this post is to bring you all up to date.
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we were hit hard by a combination of two unrelated things; DDOS attacks and a massive amount of fraudulent orders. The orders were caught after the credits had been added to accounts and visitors had been delivered. This means our members were paid before the rightful owner was refunded and we suffered a loss. Instead of removing fraudulent credits from your accounts, we allowed you to keep them and ‘took the hit’ ourselves.
The system is now stable again and we’ve added several new security features to prevent this happening in future. However, we only have a finite amount of funds, and money spent on security is money that can’t be spent on new features. They’re still planned but depending on our income, they may be pushed back several months.
Many of you will have noticed fewer adverts recently. Although WordLinx relies on real advertisers for 90% of orders, we have been unable to run many of our own regular adverts due to cash restrictions created by the above. We apologise and ask for all members to give us time to recover and understand that we are doing everything we can to get things back on track. A good example of this was Friday’s Double Day, where we doubled any advertising order, encouraging both current and new advertisers to spend. We’ll be running another Double Day in the coming weeks.
WordLinx has been online for many years (coming up to our 7th birthday!) and we’ll be here for many more, so please be patient while we work though this situation.Our team is currently investing a great deal of time and money in a new project, MoreShare.com. This is a good thing for WordLinx users, as once that site is up and running it will provide additional revenue for further WordLinx developments. You can follow our progress with MoreShare here. We hope to launch the new site very soon.

Venus Raj ranked 4th Runner Up

I just finished watching the coronation night of Ms. Universe 2010 live, ABS actualli aired it out 2 hours late from the live streaming, i watched the live coverage via star world at sky cable. At first i am really impressed of how Venus made it that far, she was really stunning amidst beautiful candidates that sorrounded her. Her exotic beauty has really made the crowd so wild, in fact i can honestly say that she was the corwds favorite. I am already hopeful and i expected that she will be crowned as the new Ms. Univers but her answer in the final question and answer stage made her as the last pick. I maybe understand her feelings that time, she was probably so nervous so she wasnt able to think well, coz as far as ive observed her answer was very elementary. Not that i am so well in communication or a great conversationalists. of course taken consideration the stage freight and the crowd, it will surely made you mental block, however i must stand with the fact that then were properly trained and that part of the training was answering and thinking fast for that said stage. But i must say she did a great job, congrats to Ms. Venus Raj.