Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earn through Commisions

While there are lots of earning potentials in the net, i still do believe to make the most ofit. Before ive tried getting paid thru payperpost then i tried the mylot which pays you by participating through discussions and now a friend told me about this site which gives you commisions per sale of the product or just by referring member to ths site and the more downline you have the better. And i just thought if u have the site and you have the chance to promote, why not do it? right guys> well if youre interested just visit this site.

Saturday Updates

Happy Weekend guys? anything special? i wish there is and i hope u have soemthing to share guys, theres no story to tell for this day, i just have sleeping marathon for now, i guess i badly need it, i also watched tv and hang aroung at the room, i bought a lot of junkfoods for my tummy,hehehhe.Isnt it great once in a while u enjoy the blanket and imagining things, u know guys i loved my bed simply because my thoughts are flying away,from those wonderful times when i had a bf and compared with my life now. I have no one to think about and no one to care about though i cared for many people and i loved my friends and my family.Nonetheless, i can completely say that my life now is a bit blessed and complete, its enough for me to know that i can live with myself even without the other person, i mean a man in my life and im happy to realized things now that im can make my life wonderful just by believing in it. And as i borrowed some lines, it always pays to wait.