Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips Review

Annoyed of those unwanted hair?

Not only you girl as i am too since i noticed few unwanted hair growing significantly. I am not sure how to address this properly. I have tried plucking it and i asked my niece to do that for me but then it isnt working perfectly, after  a month or a couple of weeks, it just grows and even longer and thicker than the usual. My other resort was to use blade to trim my armpits hair but then it might be pleasant to see but will get back to it''r normal growing after quite sometime which made you do another removal methods.

This time around, i have to try another means and i just had an inclination to this brand.

This brand is well knows for wax products and truly you can experience noticeable difference unlike if you just rely on plucking and razor. Though, you will feel a sudden pain when removing but when the hair is uprooted you will surely feel smooth and that hair is not evident still for quite sometime.

If you are don't have waxing experience then take some time to read it's basic direction to use.

1. Place the Strip in the direction of hair growth and remove it against the direction by holding the easy grip strip.

2. The faster you remove the strip the better and the more effective it is.

3. Repeat the direction in consistent pattern.

So far, you will surely love the noticeable result,


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PS: It's quite painful if it's your first time especially when removing strips but it's effective.