Thursday, June 27, 2013

Uno Body Works Exfoliating Body Scrub Review

So my quest for a blemish free skin is a daily struggle. Thus, with the presence of whitening products and body scrub that promised for an effective output then getting the best and perfect partner is easy as 123.

So, today let me share my experience at Uno Body Works Exfoliating Body Scrub. I was able to try this product through a friend. She offered me to try UNO and she explained later the products, benefits and of course how this site works. I was honestly impressed since i've been hearing a lot of good words about this company, not to mention their sought after products which will make the business a little handy.

UNO Certificate

If you want to join UNO, you are offered a kit then you are also given free products as part of the package. Since this friend of mine just had her kit and that she has few products available, she offered me to try this Body Scrub. I was tempted to try since my friend told me that the scrub is quite different from the regular body scrub available in the market. You can see instant exfoliation and that it's not harm on your skin.

So, that day, i decided to get this and i forgot how much i paid my friend for this.

So when i went home, i was really excited trying this product. I was even constantly smelling this since i can sense that this will be a great skin partner on my end. The following day, i decided to skip my regular soap regimen and try doing a body scrub through this product. The first time i applied this to my skin, i can see few skin outer layer being exfoliated.I can feel having an oily produce after and i am really fascinated with whatever is being left out on that said application.

After which, you will notice a different layer being exposed after. I think the direction of using this states that you have to leave your skin for few minutes after application. Thus, you can do the rinsing after and using a whitening Kojak soap is recommended. 

Content: Kojic Acid, Papaya, Puenscrub, Vit A. E & C
Variants: Available in Blue, Yellow and Orange
Packaging: 220mL / bottle

The main benefiting component in body scrubs is that they ex-foliate the skin and thoroughly cleanses and refreshes skin deeper than regular soaps and body washes normally have the ability to do. This is both good for those with dry skin, as it stimulates the blood circulation and the production of the skins natural oils, and produce new healthy skin. For those with oily skin, bodyscrubs is an effective way to deeply clean