Friday, April 11, 2008

have a nice weekends

i will be going home tommorrow since we dont have work, and im so excited really to go home, wbonding with my niece one again. i will meet my family, sleep all day, watch tv..hehhe
that would be a great day..
see yah

a new adventure

Really leyte is sorroundede by beautiful spots, may it be beaches or mountains
one of the most must-visit tourist destination in leyte is the san rafael farm located
at babatngon leyte, its a newly discovered farm which gives its visitors a fresh look of paradise.
its actually a newly developed place, where cottages and overnights stay is also available
so, if youre looking for a unque way where you want to spend your summer vacation.
try to visit this place, and see the new adventure that will awaits you.


morning my fellow bloggers, thank god its friday,hehehe
well i already went to church this morning, about 5:30 mass
at least i was able to visit god this week, as of for today i know
i have lots of work to awaits me,,heheh,we will have a meeting today
with our manager and the rest of the staff, goodluck to me..
have a nice day everyone,mwah!!