Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love This Intercom!!

Have you experienced being robbed and worst of all, your valuables just gone like the wind. It's the most terrifying thing one has to face, and I experienced this once. I was living in a rented apartment when I found out that my place was broken into by someone, I don't have any idea at all even now, who it was. Good thing I was at work when the incident happened. I cried about the loss of all my belonging but at the same time I cried out of pity because I didn't know if I was safe at all in the four corners I used to consider mine. That was when I wished I was with my family and surrounded by my loved ones. At least I could ask help from them or I could ask some relatives to oversee my premises. But then, thats part of the consequence of being independent. As more people are planning to get their own place, the crime of theft and robbery are also increasing. This of course can be attributed to a variety of factors, but over and above this, it always relies on us to put some measures into action for the best welfare of the people we love. For instance, we can put an intercom or a wireless doorbell in, perhaps. That way we can have more visibility on the people entering our premises and of course control those who have access to our privacy and minimize theft. If you're considering getting a wireless intercom system, then I would agree with your decision.