Monday, May 17, 2010


As part of our cultures, oftentimes the children like to stay at home even though they already have their respective family. While in foreign land, they were already used in separting from their parents when the right age come. I have nothing against our culture of close famil ties nor i am condening its pros and cons. But while i love to cook on my own, shop my own and provide my own, i would simply have to say that those individuals who really can make it in their own has a goal in life. Im not saying that those who lives with their parents has none, its just that, knowing your responsibilities as a mature man and woman simply put the right mark on your personality.I have experienced how it is to be living independently, when u really have to list the things you missed shopping, buying things you need from detergent to bedsheet and even to home accessories. Though i can say that it still best to be at home and nothing can ever compare to the felling of being at your own place, but still nothing can superscedes the feelling of having your own pad with all the privacy in it. Sleeping when u wanted to,when you feel not to wash the things you used in eating, you just put it at the corner and simply the thought that you are living and earning for yourself, simply gives the best difference.