Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

This is an amazing day for me!!!

Christmas season is still on countdown but the kind Provider showered me with great blessings that made me joyous. I don't know what i did in my life but i knew God see it through the heart. I just can't give out some details but i am happy.

On the other end, my man breaks the news that still Obama reigns and he was frustrated upon finding it that up until he was set for work, he was not not in good mood (stubborn) Despite me being sleepy, i still managed to reply to his numerous rant messages. I can't blame him, according to my love Obama set higher taxes to business firms and knowing how they struggle, he still don't listen to their plea. But the good side, he is doing good, in fact more profitable that he expects things to be. He just arrived from a trade show at LA and new investors are at bay.Good signs indeed..

So, just giving some updates and be working for my online assignments in awhile. A Blessed day too to my blogger friends...