Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Saturday Adventures

Unlike the previous weekends, i was a bit busy today. I started my day early as i have to attend the baptism and prior to it was a Pre-Jordan seminar so i have to be early. Being not a morning person is really a struggle waking up early but then i have to do it or else i will have my own share of limelights (lol). The funny thing, i was at the mall the other day to get some gift but i couldn't figure out what to get coz im afraid if i get some baby dress, it might not fit perfectly. I asked some saleslady to help me get a gift and they suggested about a variety of baby stuff and as i run out of time, i got this.

Infant pillow set

Ohh, when i had my share of feeding my eyes with those baby stuff, it made me want to have my own bundle of joy. I will surely have fun shopping my own stuff, at that time:)


Joyce Lansky said...

That's a great gift.