Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Rid of Allergy

It was supposed to be a fine day but the allergy had visited me last night so i spent the day with my doctor again. This time i got my own nasal spray, an anti asthma and headache reliever. Hayts, ive been spending quite a big amount already this week alone and i regret not taking good care of my body that well. Good thing, my ever supportive mahal is there for me. I immediately contacted him last night about this asthma attack and so he asked me to be at the clinic early morning. I accompany my sister and its really nice that someone is there for me but guess what, the brother also came while i was at the clinic so after my check up, we headed to the nearest restaurant for a joint lunch. I couldn't ask for more with my family. They're there for me all the time, and also to my special someone for really making sure im fine. I will always forever be indebted to them.

It's a holiday folks so we should enjoy the rest of the day. Ill be taking a full rest later with my decongestant med and hopefully, ill have a good sleep later.